Friday Features: We’re Geeking Out About These Comic Book Artist Shops

Over the past year, we’ve been so stoked to watch our latest pride and joy Threadless Artist Shops grow and evolve (they grow up so fast!) We’ve become fans of tons of new artists, featured a few in spotlights, and have seen people use their Shops for some pretty amazing causes. But there’s one particular type of Artist Shop that we’ve been geeking out about seeing more and more of: the comic book Shops.

We wanted to roundup and celebrate a few of the comic book creators, illustrators, and publishers that have Shops with us. Here are 10 comic book Artist Shops that you should definitely check out before this year comes to an end!

.     .     .

threadless_comics_shutter“Shutter” | The “Shutter Comic” Artist Shop
friday_features_comic_books_archie “Archie” | The “Archie Comics” Artist Shop

“Descender” | Artist Dustin Nguyen’s Artist Shopfriday_features_comic_books_devils_due

The Devil’s Due Entertainment Artist Shop
(Collected Artists)

friday_features_comic_books_wicdiv“The Wicked and Divine” | The ‘WicDiv’ Artist Shop

“Nameless” | The “Nameless” Artist Shop

friday_feat_jill_thompson“Scary Godmother” | Artist (and Creator) Jill Thompson’s Artist Shop
friday_features_comic_books_paperfilmsThe Paper Films Artist Shop
(Collected Artists)
friday_features_comic_books_papergirls“Paper Girls” | Artist Cliff Chiang’s Artist Shop

friday_features_comic_books_alexis_ziritt“Space Riders” | Artist Alexis Ziritt’s Artist Shop


Know about an amazing comic book or comic book artist Artist Shop we missed? Leave it in the comments! Have a comic book and want to learn more about how to market it with Artist Shops? Click here!

Open your own artist shop now!

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