Gift Art that Uplifts and Inspires this Holiday Season

Ah, the holidays. In a perfect world, the holidays would always be straight out of a John Hughes movie. But the holidays can also come with ups and downs, even if that rollercoaster is wrapped up in a package of twinkling lights and festive paper. The mad rush of holiday travel, getting trapped behind a line of “can-I-speak-to-your-manager” zombies, when Uncle Dave sits down at the table and says, “Santa is a myth, like global warming.” 

True, the holidays are never perfect. But much like Home Alone or Christmas Vacation, this season doesn’t have to be perfect to make it John Hughes-worthy—it just needs a happy ending! Here are a few designs that will uplift this holiday season and make perfect gifts for friends, family, or as a gift from you FOR you. 

Design by Ronan Lynam
Wholesome Pupper” design by Ronan Lynam

Dogs make everything better. Cool dogs with words of affirmation? Actual hero. For all the ups and downs of the holiday season, this wholesome pupper has got your back. Take your very own, very pure doggo with you all season long. (Patting their head on your tee or sweatshirt is encouraged.)

Design by Nathan Pyle
Strange Planet” design by Nathan Pyle

Laughter really is the best medicine. And what spreads more joy than the two winners of the Internet: cats and Nathan Pyle’s Strange Planet! Pick up your softest vibrating friend, then pick up this design for a friend who needs a good laugh.

Design by Pepe Rodriguez
Ramen and Cats” design by Pepe Rodriguez

The spa < a ramen place where you can pet purring kittens while you wait. This place doesn’t exist (as far as we know), but taking this design with you on everything from long sleeves to hoodies is close enough! This time of year, a little cuteness ‘n comfort food goes a long way–melt hearts while keeping cozy in this design. 

Design by Perry Beane
Much Bizness…Wow!” design by Perry Beane

Such iconic. Much laugh. Wow. Memes may not be a cure-all for holiday stress, but they’re pretty dang close. Give the gift of memes outside the digital feed with this feel-good design on a hoody, tee, or mug for your travels!

Design by Jaclyne Ooi
A-OK” design by Jaclyne Ooi

Sometimes, we all have to hear this. Even if the version of “hearing this” means wearing this reminder on a raglan and looking in the mirror. However crazy the holidays get, it’ll all be ok. And hey, if it’s not ok in the moment? Get some extra pumpkin pie: you’ve earned it. 

Design by Chris Wharton
Run with the Pack” design by Chris Wharton

Everything’s better with your pack! Families come in many different forms. Whether you find the most comfort during the holidays with your family, chosen family, or while introverting in a cozy long sleeve shirt, this design is a reminder that they’re always there for you. 

Design by Tri Agus Nuradhim
Let Me Warm You Up” design by Tri Agus Nuradhim

Vitamin D is for “Design*!” The lack of sunshine this time of year can be hard on the emotions. Why not take a little sunshine with you wherever you go? Just like actual sunlight, this design is sure to warm up anyone in its rays—get it for a friend who needs a little starlight or rock it on a raglan for yourself! 
*Not a significant source of Vitamin D…or source of Vitamin D at all.

Design by Katie Campbell
Kindness is not Weakness” design by Katie Campbell

The mantra “be nice” should be embraced all the time, but this design can be a reminder to keep it going all year-round. During the holidays, a reminder in the form of a little typography never hurts. Rock this design on a warm and cozy long sleeve tee while you’re holiday shopping and spread good vibes like you’re a reformed Scrooge at the end of A Christmas Carol.  

This time of year can spark a whole slew of emotions: equal parts fun and mentally lay-on-the-keyboard-and-asldkjgsk stressful. Give the gift of a design that will make someone smile, laugh, or just feel seen. 

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