Guys, Let’s Talk Margaritas.

Today is May 4. Which means only one thing. Tomorrow is May 5th: Cinco de Mayo! Woohooo! We’re pretty excited to celebrate over here, and the thought of it made us immediately thirsty for a certain fantastic beverage: delicious margaritas. So, in honor of the holiday, and because we can’t get the salty, lime-y, refreshing goodness out of our minds, we asked the artists behind next week’s new tees to tell us exactly how they take their margs. Read on to find out, and shop this week’s new tees here!

“Cow Cow Nuts”

I take my margaritas in my bath with fresh macadam pieces, ground tires, and rusty nails. – Florence Bodart, Casson, France

“Crash Boom Bang”

To be honest, I’ve never drank a margarita in my whole life! I prefer the basics: beer and wine makes life fine. ;-) – Peter Kramar, Austria

“Taco Eclipse of the Heart”

“I take my margaritas like a sidewalk in February: frozen with salt and likely to put me on my ass.” – David Olenick, New York City, NY

“I Love You This Much!”

I’ve never had one, but I do take my water ice cold! :) – Jonathan Dockery, Cleveland, TN

“Le Beer (Elixir of Life)”

Unfortunately I’ve never tried margaritas, but I would love to try El Diablo Margarita. – Enkel Dika, Struga, Macedonia

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