How do You Market Your Online Shop?

One of our favorite things about Threadless Artist Shops is seeing how different one shop is from the next. From the art style each shop offers to the clever ways people use their cover photos and layouts, going through Artist Shops is kind of like going through a really good box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get!

This week, we wanted to celebrate a few shops we’ve been diggin’ lately. We selected 36 Artist Shop designs for a collection on Threadless where you can discover unique art, new Shops, and hey, maybe even get inspired to open an Artist Shop of your own!

We were curious to ask these selected Artist Shop owners, how do you market your online shop and designs? Check out what they had to say below! And if YOU have any advice on how to market your art and your shop, leave it in the comments!

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“Traces of You” by Ellen Wilberg

To market my online shop, I share my shop and designs on all my social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr. I also plan to buy and photograph some of my own products to share with my followers. Some friends are also buying my designs, so I will have walking posters!



Ellen Wilberg | Oslo, Norway
“Pullover” by Elebea

I like to show time lapse videos of the making process. I enjoy drawing by hand and I love to share the way it happens with everyone.



Sasa Brugmann (Elebea) | Tel Aviv
“In Half” by Trey Chavez

I’m pretty new to the game, but some of my designer friends have had luck with Instagram so I’m trying to figure that out. I’ve also got my coworkers wearing my designs (voluntarily, I swear) and am hoping that word of mouth will lead somewhere! I’m working on getting some business cards too, because as much fun as it is to say “thpffbt,” people usually have a hard time spelling it.



Trey Chavez | Dallas, TX
“The Lovers” by Saffron Wiehl

Marketing is always a tricky one. But I do try and create designs that I love, hoping they will catch the eye of others too. It’s good to be noticed and get yourself out there however possible.



Saffron Wiehl | Goa (India)
“Dad, I Want to be an Asshole Just Like You” by Alice Does Malice

Truthfully, I’m adrift with art marketing. I’m just starting out, but I’m the kind of person who’s technologically backwards, upside-down and inside-out, which is weird for a millennial. Social media gives me fits. I can’t understand SEOs. I’m really, really old school. And I’m a true Introvert. I spend so much time hiding and creating art and just trying to keep up with my day-to-day that it’s hard to think about it. But I’m reading some amazing books called The Small Army Strategy: A Guide For Turning Fans and Followers Into Fanatics and Friends For Life and The Art of Being Unmistakable, both of which are excellent and I highly recommend them. I’ll let you know how it goes!



Alison M. (Alice Does Malice) | Atlanta, GA
“Dodomeki” by skydevilpalm

Standing out and engaging an audience in the age of short attention spans can be challenging. I use multiple social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to reach out and and promote my art and designs. Joining and engaging in relevant groups on Facebook and using hashtags on Twitter and Instagram helps get my content in front of my intended audience. Consistently posting quality content is also important and keeps my fans engaged in my art and brand.


I also independently develop video games and have a digital trading card series on Neonmob where I also promote my Threadless Shop designs. Dipping my toes into different mediums and using cross-promotion helps me extend my reach to more potential fans and keeps my creative juices flowing.”

Ian Cid (skydevilpalm) | Los Angeles
“Do Yoga Not War Dog” by Sylwia Borkowska

There are probably a lot of marketing methods, tricks, and serious tools. I do it in a simple way. I share the joy of designing and show what I like,

and I’m just totally sincere. I’m not afraid to show my views. People feel the sincerity and an open heart.



Sylwia Borkowska | Wrocław, Poland
“I Can See For Miles” by Valentina Zummo

Marketing is a wild and difficult creature, but I love it. To promote my online store I had fun making a video presentation of the new t-shirts design. On social networks I share my work in progress for Threadless to attract attention.


Valentina Zummo | Rome, Italy
“Kaleidoscope” by Kieron Reilly

I find the best way of marketing yourself is to keep your social media accounts busy, with current updates on what you’re working on, sneak peaks of unfinished designs, as well as the final outcomes to keep people interested.



Kieron Reilly | Birmingham, UK
“Shit” by Mauro

I offer free pizza and funny pictures of my two pugs.



Mauro Gatti | Venice, CA
“Mondays” by Ohboy

Currently I do most of my promotions on Instagram, trying to show my designs and shirts in a real life environment. I think Instagram is a good tool to give your brand an identity and to add a personal touch to it.



Ohboy | Vienna / Austria

Featured image is “Rather be Reading” by awkwardaffections

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