If You Could Have a Pet Mythical Creature, Which Would You Pick?

Having a mythical creature as a pet is, of course, unrealistic. I mean, taming a dragon or Sasquatch? Next to impossible. Obviously.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream. And to celebrate the surreal and daydreamy designs of this week, we asked our artists what mythical creature they would most want as a pet. 

Check out their answers (and fantastical pet sketches!) below! And leave your own “if only” mythical pet answers in the comments.

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“Dragon Priestess” by Yannick Bouchard

I would like to have a sasquatch! That would be really awesome! We would go hiking, we’d snow slide in the mountains, go treasure hunting in the woods, and of course we’d have chocolate fondue at the end of the day!



Yannick Bouchard, Quebec City
“The Great Indoors” by k_lukes

I would totally want a Ceryneian Hind as a pet. Who wouldn’t want a gigantic deer to ride around on??



Katie Lukes (k_lukes)
“Susheep!” by Darel

It would none other than the glorious Owlbergine – hunted to near extinction due to its integral part of natural  balanced diet. And he’d be called Nightshade, after the family he belongs to which also contains the chillemur and hippotato.



“Great Outdoors” by radiomode

My answer would be Dragon.


radiomode, Earth
Rabbit Wrestler” | “Nantes” by speakerine

My dream is to have an Ewok as a pet.


Florent Bodart (speakerine), Aix, France


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