Introducing Artist Shops: Reserve Now & Double Your First $1,000!

Artist Shops

I’m excited to announce an exciting, free, new way for you to share and monetize your work online! With Artist Shops, you can now create a personal online store devoted entirely to selling your own designs, hosted and managed completely by Threadless. Because each shop is fully customizable by appearance, you maintain full control of the look-and-feel of your brand, and since we manage all the back-end, you don’t have to worry about logistics like manufacturing, order fulfillment, and customer service. You make art and we’ll do the rest!

Your brand

icon-pencil--animatedYou get an (absolutely free) E-Commerce website of your own, either with a custom domain of your choice or a threadless.com subdomain, to sell as many designs as you please. You can customize your shop using our themes (or create your own!), and fill your catalog with a variety of art-based products using our tools. Our growing catalog of product options for your designs includes apparel, accessories, and home goods.

Our logistics

icon-logistics--animatedWhen customers order your products, we’ll take care of everything! We’ll manufacture them, ship them, field customer service issues, and provide you with sales reporting. Artist Shops allows you to have full control over your brand and focus entirely on selling and promoting your designs by removing the headache of logistics and the investment required to make and stock products.

Serious cash

icon-cash--animatedArtist Shops costs you absolutely nothing and you choose how much you want to make on each sale. For every product you offer, you set your pricing. We have a base fee associated with each product type and pay you the full difference between that fee and the price that you set. As a thank you for reserving your shop in advance, we’ll pay double your first $1,000 in earnings!*

Check out these sample earnings:

Style Suggested Price Base Fee Your Earnings
T-shirt $25 $15 $10
Hoody $44 $27 $17
Phone Case $29 $18 $11
22″ Canvas $98 $59 $39

Featured shops

logosWe’ve already launched a few shops with a handful of super talented artists to kick things off! Check them out to get an idea of what you can do with Artist Shops.

We’ll be rolling out new shops over the next few months before we open to the public. In the meantime you can get on the list by reserving your shop’s subdomain today. Doing this will also qualify you to earn double* once we launch. Also, please help us shape the future of Artist Shops by filling out this short survey!

Learn more and reserve your shop today!

* Bonus earnings are valid towards the first 90 days following the date your shop is available for set-up. The value of the bonus earnings amount may not exceed the earnings offered when using our suggested pricing.

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