Name It: What’s Your Favorite Beer?

Beer lovers everywhere, unite! Tuesday, April 7 is National Beer Day, so clearly it’s time to celebrate. Finally, a reason to throw back brewskies to your heart’s desire! (You know, because you really needed an excuse before.) Since we love a cold one ourselves around here, we decided to ask the artists behind this week’s new tees the greatest question in the history of beer: “What’s your favorite beer, and why?” Read on to find out their answers, and shop this week’s new tees here!

“Meanwhile in Shanghai”

I don’t think I have a favorite, but I usually drink Red Horse because it’s one of the most common beers here in the Philippines, and I must say it really does the job well. Happy National Beer Day, everyone! “Ito ang tama!” temyongsky, Siniloan, Laguna, Philippines


RedHorse beer… i like the taste and the kick… :) Ruel Jun U. Andaya, Lucban, Quezan, Philippines

“Horse Magic”

My favorite beer, although for purely nostalgic reasons, would have to be Singapore’s Tiger Beer. I’m not originally from Singapore, but I did spend the majority of my very handsome and rebellious youth there. Tiger was the ‘go-to’ brew for my rag-tag band of loveable misfits. Many memories were made (and lost) thanks to this golden nectar. Disclaimer: My handsomeness and rebellion may or may not have been overstated in this testimonial. JOHN2, Brooklyn, NY


That depends on the day and the company.  At the moment, with all the Peanuts subs floating around, I wouldn’t mind sharing a Root Beer with Snoopy…  NDTank, Daniels, West Virginia

“A Blessing in Disguise”

Well this is actually a tough question. We here in Austria take this pretty seriously, since we have the second highest beer consumption per person worldwide. But, I think Trumer Pils would be my favorite choice for the all around beer. Thomas, Vienna, Austria 


Normal answer: Dechutes Fresh Squeezed. Summer answer: Tecate with a lime. Fancy answer: 2012 Three Floyds Dark Lord.Ross Zietz, Chicago, IL 

“Kodama Spirit”

I love beer but I’m nine years without alcohol and drugs. Long history. Robson Borges, São Paulo, Brazil 

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