Our Artists Speak: “I Couldn’t Make Art Without…”

We’re always curious about the artists out in the Threadless community, so we’re throwing out a question to the creators of this week’s new designs:

What is you one must-have accessory for creating art?

This week’s winners are a surprisingly low-tech bunch; not one artist mentioned their phone, tablet, stylus or the internet as their Most Important Thing. Several mentioned more than one thing, which is ‘cheating’ but we’ll allow it! Scroll down to see their answers.

“Betelgeuse” by Pyne

Coffee and background noise. 

I can’t handle silence and I get too distracted picking out music, so I usually have TV shows going in the background. X-Files and 30 Rock are perfect. – Lindsay Pine

“Zombie Runningback” by Denilson Silva

Music. It is essential! It can be heavy metal or blues, depending on what I’m thinking of creating at the moment! On my playlist: Depeche Mode, Arctic MonkeysHIM, Billy Idol, Chris Isaak, and Wolfmother.

– Denlison Silva

“A Donut Eating Cop” by Eric Heinz

A ballpoint pen. I would list my moleskine as my one must have, but I’ve found myself lacking a drawing utensil too many times. There’s always something to draw on, but not always something to draw with.– Eric Heinz

“Accidentally Tasty” by ilovedoodle

The mechanical pencil I’ve been using for 14 years. It just a normal mechanical pencil (forgot the brand—the name’s worn off!) but using it just feels right.
– ilovedoodle

“Can’t Even” by Grant Stephen Shepley

Some spaced-out tunes.– Grant Stephen Shepley

“Dam It!” by NDTank

My moleskine(s). That’s where all my ideas find themselves before making it anywhere else. Some of those ideas never leave their pages…


Coffee is a close second.
– NDTank

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