Play the Hits! This Week’s Artists Talk Instruments…

Music is without question a big inspirational source for creativity; we oftentimes hear about many of our artists turning up their favorite jams to get the ideas flowing. However, listening to songs isn’t the only way to experience creative influence via music: playing instruments can motivate the brainwaves at an entirely new level. Considering this, we asked the artists behind this week’s new tees to let us know if they play an instrument, and if not, what they’d choose. Read on to find out their answers, and let us know how playing instruments has affected your creativity in the comments!

“Inspired by…” by John MacDougall

If you consider knowing how to play the riff from “Smoke on the Water” as knowing how to play an instrument, then yes. I can play the guitar. I’ve always wanted to learn to play the saxophone. I grew up in the ‘80s and a song wasn’t worth listening to unless it had a sweet Clarence Clemons sax solo. – John MacDougall, Quincy, MA

“Crazed Monkeys” by Luis Henrique Lunardelli

Yes. I play drums. – Luis Henrique Lunardelli, Brusque, SC

“Find What You Love…” by MidnightCoffee

I just want any sort of musical talent. If I could really rock out on a kazoo or triangle, I’d be perfectly happy. Drums would be the dream, though. I love a driving beat. – MidnightCoffee, El Cajon, CA

“Almost Take Off” by radiomode

Yes I do. I play piano in intermediate level. – radiomode, Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia

“I’m Listening” by Je-Yeon Kim

I used to play the recorder. Why? Why did I do that? – Je-Yeon Kim, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea

“Black Hole” by etdraws

I don’t play an instrument, but I’d like to learn to play the theremin. I love the old-school science fiction sounds they can make. – Emma Tolley, Cambridge, MA

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