The invasion hasn’t begun…it’s already here. Because Threadless has invaded YOUR LOOT CRATE BOXES.

In honor of the return of X-Files, we teamed up with Loot Crate for their “Invasion” box. Our mission? To trust no one…except for the Threadless community to design a shirt that other-planetary visitors would want to beam up and take with them. And that’s exactly what our winners – the brother duo of Francis and Laurence Minoza who make up the “nicebleed” team – did.

We interviewed nicebleed about their winning Loot Crate-Threadless design, their dark and creepy style, and, of course, about whether or not they believe in little green (or grey) men.

Also, look for the winners of our X-Files Selfie Contest at the bottom of this post!

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Are you both X-Files fans?

Yes, just recently when the contest challenge launched. The first episode catches my heart and my design was inspired by it.

“The Day Has Come”

How’d you feel when you found out you won the Loot Crate challenge?

Best feeling! Can’t believe we won! So thankful and proud.

People reppin’ nicebleed’s “The Day Has Come” (Photos courtesy of blairelovestv, fableddead, geogeek7, picnicprincess, placecm, sp4ceunic0rn, and tsaztattoo)

So here, we have bigfoot. In Scotland, they have the Loch Ness Monster. Do you have any myths or legends like that where you come from?

Yes, we have lots of myths like we have this “Kapre” a giant creature lives in big trees with big smoking joint protecting the trees. Also we have this “Mana-
nanggal”., usually a woman that separates half of her body at night with her wings hunting for a pregnant women sleeping. Above the roof she will then use her long tongue to get the fetus inside the womb. Those two creatures I think are the top myths but there are so many others considering we have 7000+ islands in Philippines.


What’s the art scene like in the Philippines?

“Evolution of Charles”

In general, the art scene here is great, alive and there are abundant of talents.

Nicebleed is a collaboration between you two – how do you guys balance each other’s styles and visions?

Sharing ideas and giving feedbacks along the way when designing is always been the process for us.

How did you develop your style together?

I think our influences both in local and international helped us a lot on what we are right now. We really don’t think of what style we will do, If we feel the idea is best on whatever style, we do it. Maybe our distinct appeal will lead us back to our dreamy, dark, fantasy and surreal influence, but we don’t limit ourselves to a certain style.

“The Solution”

What inspires your dark, surreal style?

I think the love of outer space and nature in general. We love to pop out objects on a black canvas.

Do you believe in aliens?

Yes, they are out there.

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A big congratulations to our X-Files selfie challenge winners Tomislav Dugandzic, Chris Helms, Alan Linic, and Laura. Enjoy your Loot Crates! The loot is out there…and these are #TrueBelievers.


Featured photo courtesy of wildfiretalks

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