The One With the “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”-Themed Gift Guide

‘Tis the season to get your friends a gift that says, 🎶I’ll be there for youuu!🎶Whether it’s sparking conversations about which friend is the BEST friend or just talking about how there are no apartments that size in New York City, Friends lives up to its name and really does bring friends together! And when in doubt during the gift shopping season? Let the sitcom of sitcoms be your (TV) guide. We all know a super clean-freak like Monica, a jokester like Chandler, a free spirit like Phoebe; shop for your friends based on your (or their) favorite Friends characters and get them something so good, they won’t want to share it.

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The Monica in your life

Laundry bag: “Glossary” by A Tarrisse | Notebook: “Winter Dreams” by Anita Ivancenko | Weekender bag: “Quiet Night” by Steven Rhodes | Bath mat: “Waves of Sharks” by Elizabeth | Shoes: “Bold Botanicals” by Little Patterns.

This is one of the few cases where getting gifts of convenience isn’t lazy – it’s appreciated. While the “Monica” in our lives can drive us all a little crazy sometimes, let’s face it – we need them. They’re the one who’s always hosting group parties (and wouldn’t have it any other way), who gives your hangouts an itinerarywho’s constantly cleaning up your messes both figuratively and literally.

Get them something that shows the effort and care they put into their (very organized) life and yours doesn’t go unnoticed. Like a laundry bag with laundry instructions on the bag, comfy and stylish shoes for their cleaning escapades, or a bathmat for ALL the times they’ve told you to not get shower water on the floor when you stay over.

The Joey in your life

Triblend tee: “Meat is Murder…Tasty, Tasty Murder.” by Stu | Tee: “Where Happiness Comes From” by Luis Diaz | Towel: “Inside You” by Matt Palmer | Water bottle: “Spoilt” by Olly Moss | Spiral notebook: “Piece of Meat” by Ross Zietz

Give this flirt a design so good they’ll look at it and say, “how you doin’?” You can probably think of a lovable man or lady in your life who has big dreams yet simple tastes: specifically meat-based tastes. Get them their very own food design (paired with their favorite 12″ sub), or perhaps a practical gift for their budding acting career; like a water bottle for those long days on set (with a movie spoiler cheat sheet on it, just in case they need it).

The Phoebe in your life

Zip pouch: “ReSisters” by It Must BEE a Sign | Rug: “Math” by tenso GRAPHICS | Weekender bag: “7 Sins” by Lucian | Mug: “Careless Whisker” by David Olenick | Shoes: “Witchcraft” by Camille Chew

You go to all of their shows (even the bad ones). You let them cleanse your apartment with sage once in a while. Maybe you pretend to love the (really rough) paintings they make you every year for Christmas. They’re the free-spirited friend, and while they’re not quite sure where they’re going or whether that creative career is going to take them anywhere, they’re always there for you. Get the Phoebe in your life a “Smelly Cat” inspired design on a mug that will help fuel their musical energy or a zip pouch for their guitar picks (that also donates to a great cause they support – they’re also the activist friend!)

The Ross in your life

Tee: “Don’t Mess With the Monkey” by Pepe Rodriguez | Kids tee: “Know Your Dinosaurs” by Sarah Sobole | Latte mug: “Dino” by Missaire Julien | Phone case: “Common Descent” BY Michael Bancroft| Dad hat: “Sports!” by Matt Wilson

This friend may be a little neurotic, a little all over the place, but you love them all the same (even when you have to be ‘on a break’ from them for a bit). And really, if there’s a Ross in your life? You have two gift categories to worry about: science and dinosaurs. Get them something they (or their pet monkey) will love.

The Rachel in your life

Pillow: “Carpe Denim” by joseph | Travel mug with handle: “Tres Bien” by Dan Sheffield | Notebook: “Feed Me and Tell Me I’m Pretty” by Tobias Teixeira da Fonseca | Phone case: “Drunk Mondrian” by Renee | Tote bag: “Royal Pardon” by Katarina Dass

To some, this friend may come off as a little bit spoiled, but you know that they have a heart as full as their walk-in closet. When shopping for the person who has everything, think about what makes them uniquely them. For the friends more like season 10 Rachel, consider getting them things for their busy, fashionista lifestyle – an artsy phone case to keep up with work at all times in style. Or if you’re shopping for someone who’s a little more season one Rachel at The Central Perk? Maybe avoid mugs (they see enough of them at work). Or, better yet? Get them a gift certificate so they can choose their own gift – you know how picky they are!

The Chandler in your life

Notebook: “Day Job” by Teo Zirinis | Mug: “My Memory is Terrible” by Michael Buxton | Phone case: “Dogtor” by Joel Robinson | Sweatshirt: “WTF!?” by Idiot Box

Could it BE more fun to find a gift for someone? Maybe you don’t quite know what this friend does for a living…what you do know is that if it’s a joke, play on words, or pun? They’re usually behind it. Get them something that appeals to their classic Mrs. Chanandler Bong sense of humor (if you get this reference, YOU PASSED! You’re a true fan). Or get them a design on a notebook that expresses their true sentiments about work (while also doubling as a place to store ideas they have for that writing career they’ve always wanted to pursue!)

Featured design: “Fronds” from the Total Baby Cakes Artist Shop.

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