The Walking #ThreadTWD – Week 2!

What’s the only thing better than watching The Walking Dead? Watching everyone live-tweeting The Walking Dead with us.

All of your tweets coming in during the show made us feel like we’re all one big happy zombie survival group family fighting for our lives together.

This is weekly thing all TWD-season long, so if you have some FOMO from the past two episodes, join us next week on Twitter using #ThreadTWD!

We’ve broken this week up by themes. And by far the best one was the fact that Carol needs a Snickers, because she goes a little FULL METAL CAROL when she’s Hangry for Casserole.

“BREAAAD!” by Philip Tseng

Besides that, there was character development…

An apple a day… (“Vegetarian Zombie” by Javier Ramos Eguiluz

Questionable medical choices. Because at this point in the zombpocalypse, everyone’s kinda ” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” when it comes to health anyways.

Even if the consequences of smoking are still relevant…even if they now involve a machete instead of lung cancer…

Zombie at Tiffany’s” by Marion Cromb

Some top priorities for the zombpocalypse, of course:


“Happiness is Fleeting” by Kerry Callen

And then of course, we threw some challenges your way! Like our flash challenge, “What does JSS stand for?” And you t-shirt people…touché. We see whatchu did there…




And of course, best selfies. These will be hard to top next week. So we dare ya.

And finally, congratulations to our two winners of the night! Although I think we can all agree that the real winner was Carol…because we’re afraid of what she’ll do to us if we don’t make her the winner…

Featured photo is “The Horde” by Aled Lewis

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