A How-To Threadless Style Guide!

We come from different worlds. We are a collective community of designers, content creators, musicians, skaters, graffiti artists, nerds, hipsters, punks, skaters and many other labels. Still we are united by something we all have in common: our admiration for great design and our love for Threadless tees. For this reason, I put together a selection of outfit grids inspired by my favorite Threadless tee designs. When possible, I will include links to where you can find and buy these products as well.

1. Floral Revolution


Floral Shorts: Merona by Target | Tee: Threadless – They Made Us by 38Sunsets | Snapback: H&M | Shades: Rayban Wayfarers |Shoes: HUF 

This is an outfit that I would wear on a bright sunny day. The simple white V-neck style featuring a funky design paired with floral shorts is the perfect look for the summer, and even has a bit of a “party on the top/party on the bottom” vibe. Dress it down with a pair of HUF Ocean Blue Choice low tops, and it will drive the look home for sure. I must confess, this look was totally made by the kicks.

2. Hug Machine


Blue Fleece Shorts: Random Pick up | Tee: Threadless – Huggers by Dan Moller | Socks: Hot Shot by Nice Laundry | Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor Leopard Print High Tops |

If you’re going to the mall or running a random errand, this outfit combines comfort and swagger in one. The black Huggers tee has a great message hidden inside the negative space the designer has used. I wouldn’t usually go with bold socks and bold shoes for this sort of outfit but, if you roll down your socks and show very little sock over the chucks, you’ll get a pop of color that adds some spunk to the look.

3. Retro Master


Joggers: Zanerobe Dynamo Camel | Tee: Threadless – A Universe Far, Far Away by Frank | Shoes: Nike Blazer Low VNTG NRG | Socks: Sock Genius by Ties.com | Fedora: Good Boy by Goorin Bros |

When Threadless announced the MOTU challenge, I was over the moon (no pun intended). I knew for sure that we were going to see so many great designs. This colorful design from Franx takes me back to my childhood, and I’ll never shy away from wearing a classic cartoon tee. The Camel Joggers work really well with the tee, and the vintage Nike low tops add a touch of retro class to the outfit. Top that off with a dark green fedora? You’ve got yourself a classic look, man.

4. Diabetes Party5

Denim Joggers: Abercrombie | Tee: Lisa Frankenstein by Dan Elijah G. FajardoJen Lemasters and Jerry Maninang | Shoes: Onitsuka Tiger x Andre Pompillio | Socks: Donuts by Gumball Poodle | Headphones: Marley |

Casual Fridays, anyone? This is the perfect look for dressing down toward the end of the week. The tee design is the perfect mash of pop culture and bright colors. Add a pair of denim joggers, Onitsuka Tigers on your feet, and DONUTS socks and you’ll have the office craving an ice-cream party stat.

5. Paisley Plague 6

Black Joggers: Zanerobe | Tee: Threadless – The Plague by Budi Satria Kwan | Shoes: Gram | Socks: Mcgregor Socks |

The perfect weekend night time look, since no weekend is complete without a zombie shirt. Personally I’m a big fan of all black outfits, but adding some color to the this look with the paisley Gram low tops will make you a hit whether you’re headed to a frat party or your local pub. Just be sure to respect the dead while you’re wearing it, or else…

What are some of your favorite Threadless tee looks? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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