#ThreadTWD: Everything’s Chill…TOO Chill…

Huh…no massive zombie hordes. No crazy deaths (minus Carl’s eye, RIP). No bad feels.

All’s been as chill as Jesus-character’s beanie-wearing, hippie-haired look the past few episodes of The Walking Deadtoo chill. Which can only mean that shit’s about to hit the fan(s).

‘Til then, let’s take a look at some of the things that happened for this chill episode, and embrace it, people. Embrace the chill while you still can.

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“Ninjesus” by Mathiole & Hafaell Pereira

With nothing much else going on, Jesus has truly taken the wheel for this episode in terms of what we’re focusing on…mainly his beanie and meticulous hair.

“Use Your Brain!” by Mathiole

Let’s just pray he and his beanie take the wheel when things start to inevitably turn sour in the (near) future. Kinda like the end of every Undercover Boss

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.44.35 PM
“Oh Lord Jesus” by Katie Campbell

Then after Jesus, we’ve got fellow biblically-named fellow, Abraham. Who can’t stop making incredible innuendos about everyone else’s sex lives. And for that, we thank you, Abraham. Everyone else in the world may be dead, but Abraham’s keeping gossip very much alive.

“Death is Random” by Nacho Diaz

And remember how I mentioned that whole “shit’s about to hit the fan(s)” thing? Well…here’s a hint (***Possibleish spoiler alert? Kindasortanotreally?)

If this ep, by the way, felt kinda familiar, that’s because it kinda is. We all learned this lesson from A Bugs Life. And while that had a happy ending, this isn’t Pixar, you guys. Although how amazing would a Pixar zombie film be…get on that, Pete Docter.


“How Are You Feeling Today?” by Jan Avendano

And I didn’t know where to put this one but damn it, I like it and you probably will too:

And finally, we have our winners this week for best selfie and best tweet! Until next time, everyone…zompocalypse-Jesus, save us all…

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