Wear These Turkey Day Designs to Help with Digestion

Thanksgiving Mood

What does Thanksgiving mean to you? Do you look forward to gathering ‘round the table with family or hosting your own friendsgiving from the comfort of your kitchen? Beyond simply serving as the official marker for when it’s culturally acceptable to start decorating for Christmas, it’s a holiday that’s perfect for eating. 

Whether or not you’re a fan of the bird, Thanksgiving’s around the corner and you’re probably doing something to celebrate. Gobbling up piles of turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes? Eating slice after slice of your great aunt’s pumpkin pie? Maybe you’re planning to stay in and treat yourself to a feast? Whatever your plans include, we hope your plate is full. Avoid indigestion wearing our favorite turkey day designs to help your tummy process the goodness. 

Quirky Turkey

T-shirt design by acoustee
Let’s Get Basted” design by acoustee

If you’re not cooking, you’re probably starting the holiday off with a drink or two. Okay, even if you’re running the show, you’re probably enjoying a beverage as you go. Get straight to the point with this turkey-tastic design that tells it like it is. 

Gamer’s Feast

T-shirt design by MelJo JoJo
Super Pilgrim” design by MelJo JoJo 

Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate your favorite nerd references. Even Mario’s embracing the Thanksgiving spirit in this design for gamers and fans of turkey day alike. Do you score extra points for picking the meat off the bones then passing out on the couch?

Terrify ’em with Turkey

T-shirt design by Hillary White
Gobble Goblin” design by Hillary White 

For those of us who are still sad Halloween’s over, this design marries the best of both holidays. Now you can freak the family out and still be festive! This goblin loves turkey just as much as your crazy uncle or annoying little brother. Why not wear this tee while chowing down on a drumstick or two?  

Check that Nutrition Label

T-shirt design by acoustee
Funny Pumpkin Pie Nutrition Facts” design by acoustee

There’s something very sick—but pretty funny—about wearing the nutrition facts for the slices of pumpkin pie everyone’s about to eat. Remind all your friends and family just how many calories are in that pie then pile on the whipped cream! It’s a seasonally relevant design for bakers, eaters, and calorie counters. 

Pretty Bird

T-shirt design by Michael J Hildebrand
Turkey” design by Michael J Hildebrand

Not even the least bit offensive, here’s a turkey day design you can wear without fear of making grandma raise an eyebrow. The intricate patterns really highlight the geometric beauty of this odd flightless bird. Throw on this tee to welcome in the holiday in a completely family friendly way.

Love and Leftovers

This design literally says “I love you” (in American Sign Language). Harken back to elementary school days tracing your palm to make a turkey and tell your family you’re feeling the love at the same time. Eat up and show the love!  

Give thanks for artist-inspired tees and decor. Grab your fave turkey day design on a tee, zip-up pouch, or cozy fleece-lined sweatshirt. The holidays can be a lot, but giving thanks is an easy way to get into the spirit of the season. 

Sarah Fischer

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