What Was the First Scary Movie You Ever Saw?

Happy Halloween month! Whether you love scary movies, hate them, or love them even though they’ll keep you awake for the next three weeks (WORTH IT), one does not simply NOT watch scary movies during the 31 days of Halloween. After all, tis the season to say hello to some of our favorite spooky nightmare boys: Jason, Freddy, and Michael. But no matter where you fall on the “love it or hate it” horror film scale, we can all remember our first scary movie. In honor of our new Halloween collection, we asked the artists behind some super spooky designs: what was the first scary movie you ever saw? See if their answers match up with yours. And don’t forget to snag Halloween designs at 40% off! All the ghoul kids are doin’ it.

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Deathday Party” by Lucy Naland

My introduction to horror movies was Scream. I watched it while sleeping over at a friend’s house in middle school and remember being completely in awe of the opening scene, along with how clever the rest of the film was. I blame part of my scary movie obsession on the fact that I watched one of the genre’s best on my first go. I’ve seen far too many than has been good for me since then, but Scream is still my favorite.



Lucy Naland (@lucymn)

The Golden Ghouls” by Ian Byers

The first scary movie I saw was Jaws when I was four or five years old. I pretty much watched the entire movie through the holes in the blanket that was covering my face, so I’m not sure if I liked it or not.



Ian Byers

Let’s Call the Exorcist” by Steven Rhodes

It was at a family BBQ and all the kids were in a room watching A Nightmare on Elm Street. I think I may have made an excuse about “having to go and do something else in a different part of the house.” Not because I was scared or anything.



Steven Rhodes

Mail, Satan!” by Hillary White

I’ve seen so many scary movies I don’t remember the first… it was probably something like War of the Worlds or Them or Creature From the Black Lagoon. I loved them all at the time! The earliest scary “movie” that truly affected me, however, was season 2 episode 8 of Friday the 13th: The Tv Series, “Read My Lips”. It featured a ventriloquist doll that became more real as he killed. I had constant nightmares for about a year after. Despite that, I appreciate the experience… Fear can be just as creatively inspiring.



Hillary White (@wytrab8)

Tokyo Zoo” by Michael Buxton

The first scary movie I can remember watching was probably the original black and white King Kong. It’s hard to say how much of an impression seeing a giant, rampaging gorilla fighting dinosaurs had on me, but the fact that 90% of my work is drawing monsters seems to answer the question.



Michael buxton (@DinoMike)

It is in the Bushes” by Kris

It is a local movie titled “Aswang” a local version of a vampire here in the Philippines.



Kris (@krisren28)

Okay” by Tatak Waskitho

I’m not a horror movie fan but as far I remember my first scary movie was Hannibal in 2001. Final Destination was the movie I enjoyed the most.



Tatak Waskitho (@skitchism)

Spooky Pals” by Joel Robinson

I watched Alien at my friend’s house when I was a kid. I love the movie now, but at the time I was not prepared because my family was never a scary movie family. We were a Driving Miss Daisy family.



Joel Robinson

Burn in Hell” by FineTimeStudios

To answer your question, the first scary movie that we remembered watching was Child’s Play. We loved the scene where Chucky would transfer his soul into another body. It was kinda scary at first but eventually got funnier when my sibling and I tried to recreate the scene. We also want to add a Filipino film called Shake, Rattle, and Roll III. It’s a B-movie that has three different stories. We particularly like the 3rd story entitled, Nanay (mother). It’s about a monster called Undin who seeks revenge when a student steals her eggs/babies from the beach. Try googling Undin and see for yourself. There was a scene where it crawled out of a toilet. Was hard to forget the scene and it got us scared of using public bathrooms lol



Troy & Moks (@FineTimeStudios)

Friday Night Terror” by dandingeroz

I remember the first scary movie I saw was The Ring and after that I don’t watch horror movies at all because of scared! Lol




Meowleficent” by Daniel Teres

Well, the first scary movie I ever saw on theater was The Blair Witch Project. I was eleven at the time and, like everyone else, I thought it was real. I liked because it was different from any other scary movies and the creativity involved turned it into one of the most profitable movies of all time!



Daniel Teres 

Wolf Pack” by Yuri Shwedoff

It was Predator (1987) and it was awesome! I still keep the vintage Predator action figure in my studio. But the most frightening horror movie of my childhood was IT (1990). I could not sleep for a month.



Yuri Shwedoff

Pumpkin Remix” by Pepe Rodriguez

Nightmare on Elm Street was the first movie that really scared me. The scene when Johnny Depp is swallowed by the bed and spit out all that blood traumatized me at the point to want sleep on my hammock. Other movie of my childhood is about giant rats. I don’t remember the name but both freaked me out. Good VHS times…



Pepe Rodriguez (@ppmid)

The Mind Flayers” by John Fishback

The first scary movie I can remember was Poltergeist. I was probably scared of the dark for weeks after that.



John Fishback (@thechild)

Voodoo Stuff” by Pigboom Kaboom

I remember watching the movie Phantasm when I was a kid. I liked the movie and the character of Angus Scrimm as the Tall Man. It got me really scared too, especially the nightmare scene where the boy wakes up from his sleep and the Tall Man is standing over his bed.



Pigboom Kaboom (@pigboom2014)

Burgerzilla” by Ilustrata

My first scary movie was one called Dark Water; an adaptation of a book by the same name and dude, that movie scares me a lot. I was around 13 years old and I was afraid to go to the bathroom for a week. Today I love scary movies, the bad ones to the masterpieces!




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