What’s the Coolest Thing You Did in 2015?

How is 2015 almost over?

Seriously, the wait from Monday to Friday can seem like a lifetime, and yet somehow this year came and went in a flash. Before you know it we’ll be making new resolutions…and quickly breaking those new resolutions.

We asked our artists about the coolest thing they accomplished in 2015. Check out their answers below. And if you did anything epic in 2015, leave it in the comments!

“Flux” by chuckpcomics

I got engaged to my best friend! Woo!


– Chuck Pavoni (chuckpcomics), Chicago
“Invisible City” by JackDuarte

2015 for me was wonderful. I could accomplish many projects I had in mind. But the biggest and most elaborate of them was my son, João Francisco. I was inspired to create more – especially in calligraphy studies, which is what I’m trying to learn now – including recreating art that earned the happiness of a print here at Threadless, The Invisible City.


– Jackson Duarte (JackDuarte), Camboriú, Brazil
“Shark Movies” by Graja

I traveled from France to Tunisia through Italy, and after a week without being able to go to the movies, my torture ended and I was able to see Mad Max: Fury Road. “What a lovely day!”



– Eduardo San Gil (Graja), Barcelona
“Pizza and Beer” by Evan Luza

I’d say finishing my third Adult Swim internship and, of course, getting my second print on Threadless as a grand prize winning design, right before the year ends! I’m so excited about it – I think I’ll have to celebrate with Pizza & Beer.



– Evan Luza
“Catstronaut” by Expo

For me, the coolest thing I can do in my free time during the year is to shred the pool in my skateboard, I love it!


– Jorge L0pez Ramirez (Expo)
“Dreaming of Destruction” by Obinsun

Drew a lot, read a lot, played D&D for the first time. 2015 was a good year.


– Joel Robinson (obinsun), Salem, OR
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