Why Does Your Dad Rule the Most?

Dads are pretty great guys, and yesterday, we got to celebrate them all over the place for Father’s Day. Since we’re continuing to feel the love for our dads today, we asked the artists behind this week’s new tees to tell us why their dad is the best. Read on to find out their answers, and tell us why your dad is the best in the comments!

“Wow! Rainbows!” by Brent Schoepf

My dad is the best because he’s an example of an honest, hard working man who loves his family, and only wants the best for all of us. While he makes mistakes, he owns up to them and learns from them, encouraging us to do the same. He’s willing to have hard conversations and isn’t afraid of having an unpopular view as long as it lines up with his convictions. He’s an A+ guy. – Brent Schoepf, Minneapolis, MN

“Crystal Sphere” by Rick Crane

A great artist and a really nice chap. Just wish he knew how to use a telephone!!! – Rick Crane, Somerset, United Kingdom

“Love Cats” by Arkady

Because he is the most generous man ever. Love you Pa. :) – Arkady, Tel Aviv, Israel

“Dragon’s Bane” by Samiel

He was my first hero, my protector, my shield, my backbone, and always my perfect example. He gave me the sense to continue in his footsteps. – Samiel, Madrid, Spain

“Flock of Birds” by radiomode

My dad was the best because he was the only one I had. – radiomode, Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia

“Color Bomb!” by Philipp Rietz

Because he is the most enthusiastic limbo dancer on the floor, ever! – Philipp Rietz, Saalfeld, Germany

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