Win $150 By Showing Us That You HAVE THE POWER!

If you haven’t heard by now, the new Masters of the Universe Collection kicks some serious Skeletor butt. Wearing our new tees has helped us channel our Inner He-Man and we suspect you are feeling the same.

So, this week we’re challenging you to give us your very best “I Have the Power” for your chance at a $150 gift code! All you have to do is post a video of yourself saying He-Man’s very empowering phrase on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #ThreadlessMOTUchallenge by Friday, July 17 at 5p CT. We’ll announce the winner next Monday!

NOTE: You do not have to be wearing a tee from the new collection but it WILL score you extra credit.

Congratulations to @devonsego for being chosen as the winner of this challenge!

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Jess Hanebury

Jess Hanebury is the Director of Social & Brand strategy at Threadless. In addition to supporting incredible artists from around the world, she enjoys bikes, cheese and TV.