Would you ever go into space?

Space: the final frontier. We may know more about space than we do about the bottom of the ocean, but the big black blanket of stars we see every night is anything but empty – it’s full of mysteries.

In space, no one can hear you scream. Whether that screaming is out of sheer joy or the terror of the vastness of the universe, in honor of the mystical and space-y designs we have launching this week, we asked our artists: would you go into space? 

See what our artists had to say below and check out their amazing designs! And don’t forget to chime in with your own answer in the comments!

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“A Lot of Skulls” by velzobas

Probably no, I don’t wanna deal with places with no gravity and lack of oxygen. I think it’s much better staying on Earth!

Lucas Dutra (velozobas) | Juiz de Fora, Brazil
“The Monster” by queenmob

There is nothing I want more than meeting new beings & animals in different ecosystems. So yes, I would go into space, mainly to visit other planets that allow life. And I want to know simple things, like how do intelligent creatures in other worlds go to the toilet, and what food do they cook, what movies do they film, and what stories do they tell?

I am hoping for that wormhole into other worlds before I die :D


Anna-Maria Jung (queenmob) | Graz, Austria
“Full Moon” by Camille Chew

If space travel became an everyday and affordable kind of thing – sure! But I’ll just stick with stargazing and drawing space-inspired artworks for now.


Camille Chew | Ithaca NY
“Many Lands Under One Sun” by ThePaperCrane

As fascinating and humbling as space is, I am content just pondering the infinite universe from here. I love planet earth and wish we could gain the wisdom and compassion to not take it for granted.


Rick Crane (ThePaperCrane) | Frome, Somerset UK
“Creative.” by Gintron

Absolutely! Why? To have my mind blown! First stop, Jupiter’s icy moon Europa! See what all the fuss is about. Then swing by Saturn’s moon Titan, check out that methane rain atmosphere! So cool! After that, I’m down for whatever – space is the place!


Nicholas Ginty (Gintron)
“Astral Projection” by Robson Borges

Absolutely yes! I’d love to see our planet like a small dot in the cosmos, feel the gravity floating around the infinite. Sometimes I stare at the sky and imagine, though I’m answering the ‘want’ part of your question.


Robson Borges (robsonborges) | Sao Paulo, Brazil
“Arigato” by StevenT

I love to travel to space if I can,love to explore the unexpected adventures.

Toang Wei Shang (StevenT)

Featured image is “Ouija the Mystical” by barmalisiRTB

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