11 Instagram Accounts You Should be Following

Ever hit the “Instagram doldrums”? You know – that moment you realize you keep seeing all the same stuff over and over again on your feed, your ‘discover’ results are now all weird hula hoop rave videos because you clicked on one that one time, and all of the usual accounts you creep on are up to date with nothing new posted. The struggle is real.

But fear not! If you’re in need of some seriously inspirational artists to check out or you just need some new accounts to creep on, here are 11 artsy Instagram accounts you need to follow. 

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Ilka Mészely (@ilkameszely)

Ordinary Young Man (@fernandocobelo) | Ordinary Young Man’s Artist Shop

Jean Jullien (@jean_jullien)

Jillian Fisher (@garbage_party) | Garbage Party’s Artist Shop


Henn Kim (@henn_kim)

Eliza Gauger (@3liza.jpg) | Eliza’s “Problem Glyph” Artist Shop

Julia Heffernan (@crownjulez)

Monica (@earth_to_monica) | Earth to Monica’s Artist Shop

Josh Shalek (@kidshaycomics)


Elloo Elloo (@ellooelloo) | Elloo Elloo’s Artist Shop

Rachel Everett (@missracheleverett)

Know about any awesome Instagram accounts we should follow? Tell us about it in the comments!

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