13 Spooky Sweatshirts to Hide in During Scary Movie Season

We love watching scary movies. Even if we sometimes have to watch those scary movies through the little hoodie portal that forms when you pull your hoodie’s drawstrings ALL the way closed. With fall officially here and scary movie season creeping right on up, the time for Halloween-y designs is FINALLY upon us… and getting Halloween-y designs on a super cozy hoodie you can hide in during horror double feature nights certainly doesn’t hurt. Here’s a lucky batch of 13 spooky sweatshirts* to hide in this scary movie season! Pro tip: be sure to snag ’em during our fall sale while all fleece & fall items are 40% off!

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TGIF” by Vó Maria

Little Dracula” by Jillian Fisher

Terrible Summer” by Sam Heimer

Whole Lotta Horror” by Josh Ln

Free Hugs” by DinoMike

The Pipe” by Nacho Diaz

Let’s Summon Demons” by Steven Rhodes

Cthulhu’s Church” by Gianna Corniola

Fatty Cat” by Sage Perrott (Haypeep)

Ghost Bulb” by Luis Romero

Always Follow Your Dreams” by DinoMike

Happiness is Fleeting” by Kerry Callen

Skelfie” by iheartjlp

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*Is the design you like only in men’s/women’s styles? Not to worry! Our sweatshirts & hoodies all have a unisex fit!  

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