Zodiac Art: 8 Artists Reimagining Zodiac Signs!

Hey bb, what’s your sign? I don’t know about you, but personally, I read my horoscope for two reasons: 1: to justify my constant daydreaming as “oh that’s so Gemini” and 2: because I never get sick of seeing how different artists represent the zodiac signs. Whether you read newspaper horoscopes just to disprove them or you go on total preemptive lockdown when Mercury goes into retrograde (eat a Snickers already, Mercury), astrology art varies almost as much as the signs themselves, and it’s never boring.

Don’t bother checking your horoscope for today, I’ve got it right here: I see amazing art in your future…scroll down to see it! Then go make your own for our Horoscope Challenge!

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Cathryn Virginia

For Vice’s Broadly.

Ross Bruggink

Ross’s Artist Shop.

Robin Eisenberg

For Vice’s Broadly.

Camille Chew

Check our her Artist Shop (images via her site).

Nicole Ginelli

For Vice’s Broadly.

Pykee Lambaco

Pykee’s winning design “Dreamers” for a past Astrology Challenge.

Elle Magazine

Elle has some beautiful zodiac illustrations for their Astrtwins horoscopes!

Damon Hellandbrand

Via BoredPanda.

Seeing stars? Submit to the horoscope challenge!

Featured image is “Strange Fortunes” by Camille Chew.

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