Artist Quotes: What Gives You the Creeps?

It’s almost here, you guys. The day that October is basically meant for.


We’re counting the days until October 31st, but we couldn’t wait to get into the creepy spirit. So this week, we asked our artists what gives them the creeps.

Check out their answers and awesome Halloweenish designs below!

Dicing with The Devil” by quick-brown-fox

It might sound obvious, but zombies really give me the creeps. Especially after watching things like The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, Dawn of the Dead, etc. My other half and I talk about where we’d hide, what we’d eat and how we’d survive. We usually settle on the same kind of answer – find a boat, fill it with food/fuel, and sail off a few miles from the shore. Zombies suck at swimming!


– John (quick-brown-fox), in a boat somewhere off the coast of the UK!
The Magician” by Azizaninn

Here the answer for your question: I feel a bit uneasy when I see blood or have to get a needle. Big needles freak me out!


– Azizaninn, Johor, Malaysia
Bad-Dreamcatcher” by blue sparrow

I was in the shower washing my hair. I opened my eyes and my girlfriend was there with her face against the glass staring at me with a vacant expression. I may have had a minor heart attack.

– Steven Rhodes (blue sparrow) Brisbane, Australia
Winya No. 60” by winya

My interest in the undead comes from evil. They live around us but we can’t see them.

– Winya Sangsorn (Winya)
“Witchcraft” by lordofmasks

I like watching horror movies and I usually don’t get too creeped out…except for the gory stuff. I always have to shield my eyes for that.


– Camille Chew (lordofmasks), Ithaca, NY
O Beautiful” by rhinosserossy

Dolls. Chuckie, American Girl, it doesn’t matter – they all give me the willies. Keep those non-blinking, ever-gazing eyes away from me.


– Ross Bruggink (rhinosserossy), Minneapolis
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