Cat Designs for the Casual Pet Person and Crazy Cat Lady

Schrodinger's Venn diagram

Cat people are a special breed. They have secret rituals with their cats and many (often nonsensical) pet names for their furry friends. Really, they’re particular about all things cat related. And to that we say, cattitude is everything! Embracing the paws-itivity, we’ve gathered our meow-st cat-tastic designs for cat people and people who know and love cat people. Explore the strange, beautiful world of cat art below. We’re purrrty sure you’ll find something a-meow-zing!  

Cats = Chaos 

Design by Aaron Thong
Catastrophe” design by Aaron Thong 

This design should be no surprise to those of you familiar with cats’ true nature: pure chaos. They invite the madness of the universe into your home with a simple gesture. Put your water glass on the counter—knocked off by the swat of a paw. Leave your keyboard unattended for a moment—return to multiple letters missing. Just bought a brand-new couch you can’t wait to show off? Wait until those claws find that untouched fabric. Pretty much, if you want to have nice things, you really can’t have a cat (or toddler, for that matter). Get this design on your favorite tee and cuddle up with your little furry master of disaster.  

Cat Care is Serious Business    

Design by Steven Rhodes
Caring for Your Demon Cat” design by Steven Rhodes 

Taking care of your cat is a big responsibility. Cat people know this full well. Especially if your cat has horns and practices the dark arts. You’ll want to keep lots of candles handy and work on your summoning skills. Grab this design on a tee and join the Satanic rituals. An added bonus? All those mice Mr. Fluffy catches will finally go to good use as sacrifices for your altar.  


Design by Fox Shiver
Not Today” design by Fox Shiver 

Cat lovers know one of the noble cat’s best-kept secrets. They are the animal kingdom’s laziest member. By far. They sleep basically all day, get up to eat, use the litter box, wreak havoc on your upholstery, then back to sleep. Take a cue from your furry friend, and grab this design for days when you’re just not feeling it. 

Purrrfectly Zen   

Design by dandingeroz
Spirit Animal Cat” design by dandingeroz 

Channel the peaceful side of nature with this design, featuring cats as the beacon of inner calm and poise. They’re uniquely connected to the universe and all things nature—the crashing waves, blooming flowers, and rising sun. Wear this design on all those days you’re feeling one with the feline spirit (or gift it to someone in your life who’s more cat than human).  

Existential Kitten

Design by Nathan Joyce
Schrodinger’s Venn Diagram” design by Nathan Joyce

Cats are often in between worlds—the whole nine lives thing makes them unique. For that reason, Erwin Schrodinger’s thought experiment makes purrrfect sense. Only cats could manage to simultaneously be alive and dead. To honor the quantum madness of your favorite feline, grab this design that combines Schrodinger’s experiment with a cat’s favorite toy: boxes! If I fits, I sits.  

Space Paws  

Design by Jumali Katani
Mooncat 2018” design by Jumali Katani

For all their craziness, a sleeping cat can be one of the sweetest sights in the galaxy. Grab this design on your favorite tee for all your space friends who also own cats. They’ll appreciate the realistic sigh of relief on the kitty’s sleeping face as well as the detailed depiction of the moon’s craters. 

Cat lovers, we hope you’ve found your mew favorite design. And for those dog people out there, we hope you gained a deeper sense of empathy and understanding for your feline-minded friends. Either way, grab these cat-themed designs for you or the cat people in your life, and you’ll all be feline fine. 

Sarah Fischer

Doting on my house plants is how I fill my time when I'm not writing, reading, running or playing with my darling cats, Evelyn and Charlie. In a past life, if any of us live more than once, I might have been a French poet or horticulturalist. Powered by: beautiful cake, morning sunlight and black coffee.