Be Still My Heart: Romantic Designs for Your Best Valentine’s Day Ever

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone. While paper-crafted, heart-shaped cards covered in glitter make some giddy, the pressure of creating a romantic memory for the object of your affection can be overwhelming. Not to mention, some of us feel more fondly for our friends or pets than our significant other. 

So whatever holiday you choose to celebrate on February 14—Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day (thanks, Leslie!), or Singles Awareness Day—we’ve got the right design to match your mood. Find a style to wear to that fancy dinner you’ve got planned or to rock at the karaoke bar with your friends. Gift a design to someone you care about that says how you feel or make a coworker laugh with a punny design. You don’t have to love love to love these designs.  

For Someone You Really Like Orbiting  

Design by Nathan W. Pyle
I Love Being Around You” design by Nathan W. Pyle 

This design’s perfect for the space nerd in your life. Whether you’re the moon orbiting Earth, or someone’s caught in your orbit, your relationship can easily be summed up with these two smiley celestial bodies. Grab this fan favorite to keep or get two—one for you and your Valentine. 

Old-School Cheesy Romance   

Design by Rodrigo Leonardo Batista Ferreira
Dear Pizza” design by Rodrigo Leonardo Batista Ferreira

Remember giving and receiving old-school Valentine’s cards in your cardboard mailbox in elementary school? Sometimes they’d be covered in glue and glitter or might be attached to a sugary piece of candy. Well here’s the Valentine you need for your adult life. Get this design to let the world know how you feel about your true love: pizza. 

Perfect Pair

Design by Jess Fink
Cookie Loves Milk” design by Jess Fink 

Like peanut butter and jelly, toast and butter, or bacon and anything, this classic combo makes you realize there’s love all around us, especially in the kitchen. All you need to feel a little better about your relationship status is right there in your fridge and cupboard. Grab this design on classic tee and wear it for your Valentine’s Day dessert fest. 

Tell Them How You Really Feel

Design by Siyi
Meh” design by Siyi

This design is simple and straightforward, just like your feelings toward Valentine’s Day. It’s a nice way to let the people in your life how you’d like to participate in the holiday (by wearing this shirt and doing absolutely nothing else). Grab this design on a tee or cozy sweatshirt, get a bag of those chalk-tasting candy hearts, and enjoy your best Valentine’s Day ever. 

You’re Stuck Together

Design by Lim Heng Swee
I’ll Never Let Go” design by Lim Heng Swee

Endearing in an annoying, possibly creepy way, this design showcases how you and your person might be feeling on this holiday. You already hang out all the time, maybe even live together, so why not spend another night stuck together on the couch watching movies and eating heart-shaped candy? Stick together wearing this design for Lego lovers and couples of all kinds.  

Soy Good Together

Design by Michael Buxton
Soy Happy” design by Michael Buxton

Delicious and cute, this design reminds us to show affection for the ones who matter most. Who’s the soy to your sushi roll? Snuggle up in this super sweet t-shirt or gift it to someone you’re soy excited to know. 

Undying Affection 

Design by Ronan Lynam
Z-Day” design by Ronan Lynam

If Valentine’s Day is in no way your thing but zombies are, this design’s for you. It marries blood, gore, and the romance of the undead. Wear this design to a Valentine’s Day party and make the love birds shutter. Zombies have feelings too. (Or do they?)   

Brains Over Beauty

Design by Petr Stepanov
I Love Science” design by Petr Stepanov 

You don’t have to focus on who you love this Valentine’s Day, instead, focus on what you love. Like science! Use your brain and grab this design on a tee to wear at your office celebration. Let your coworkers know your heart belongs to science. 

Cheer up, buttercup! Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a bummer. You can embrace however you feel about the holiday, and wear your heart on your sleeve with these designs. Celebrate however you want, but we recommend eating at least a handful of those conversation hearts while wearing your favorite Valentine’s Day design. 

Sarah Fischer

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