Friday Features: I Put a Spell on You…

There’s something about mystical designs that you can’t help but love. Maybe it’s the question of the unknown. Maybe it’s that mystical feeling they inspire. Maybe it’s from growing up watching Hocus Pocus every Halloween (and just all year, because Hocus Pocus is amazing). To celebrate witchcraft-y designs from the magically funny to the darkly mystical, here are 12 designs from Artist Shops that’ll leave you spellbound. Check ’em out!

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“[Grace Amidst Monsters]” | Eliza’s Artist Shop

“White Stag” | Department’s Artist Shop

“Witch Crafts” | I Heart JLP’s Artist Shop

“The Witch’s Familiar” | LordofMasks’ Artist Shop

“Zoltar Speaks” | Sage Pizza’s Artist Shop

“IT’S BAT” | Anyavolk’s Artist Shop

“Mind Control” | Tobe Fonseca’s Artist Shop

“A Seance of Crows” | Stephanie Inagaki’s Artist Shop

“Planet Oblivion” | Josh Ln’s Artist Shop

“Abracatabra” | Valentina Zummo’s Artist Shop

“The Magician” | Red Right Hand’s Artist Shop

“Power Crystals” | Mono’s Artist Shop


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