Give the Gift of Art: Thoughtful Gifts for Art Lovers

You made it here, which probably means that—just like us—you’re a lover of art. And if you’re a lover of art, there’s a good chance you surround yourself with people who share the same passion. This Threadless holiday guide will help you find thoughtful gifts for the fellow art lovers in your life.

To assist you on your gift-shopping journey, we’ve divided this guide into eight different art styles. You’ll also find keywords that’ll help you find designs and gifts related to each style. Don’t forget, every purchase you make at Threadless directly pays the independent artist who created the designs. Happy shopping!

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Abstract | Surrealism | Pop Art | Tattoo | Lowbrow | Graffiti | Dark Art | Minimalism


Abstract Art

Unlike art movements that aim to faithfully depict the world around us, abstract art is a visual departure from reality. (That sounds nice. *Stares blankly into infinity.*) This style’s expressive shapes and colors translate particularly well to home decor including art prints, premium rugs, and throw pillows—solid gift ideas for lovers of abstract art.

Useful Keywords: abstract, geometric, cubism

Featured Designs: “Skyla Struggles” Framed Fine Art Print by Colorsepsis | “Motor Mouth” Throw Pillow by UrbanEpiphany | “Purple Sunset” Premium Rug by tangerinedusk



Have you ever had a dream where everything seems normal until you notice your dog is wearing mom jeans and your hands are salad tongs? The unconscious mind is capable of conjuring up the most bizarre thoughts. That’s what inspires surrealism. Its unexpected juxtapositions and distortions of reality make it a solid choice for gifts like jigsaw puzzles.

Useful Keywords: surrealism, weird, trippy, psychedelic

Featured Designs: “Venus Fly Trap Girl Art” Women’s Triblend T-Shirt by cellsdividing | “Ashore” Fine Art Print by Nicebleed | “Life From the Darkest Existence” Jigsaw Puzzle by Norman Duenas

Pop Art

Pop Art

This art movement from the mid-‘50s challenges the traditions of fine art by incorporating images from popular culture, often emphasizing kitschy and mundane objects. Its vibrant colors and vintage aesthetic are what make it attractive to fans of retro style. If that reminds you of anyone you’re shopping for, consider getting them pop art to decorate their home.

Useful Keywords: pop art, comics, vintage, retro

Featured Designs: “Cats Pop Art” Beach Towel by Coffee Man | “Poop Art” Bath Mat for Mathiole | “Strawberry in Mint…” Shower Curtain by pop-art-lover



Are you shopping for any loved ones who are heavily tatted? Here’s a simple gift hack. Find apparel and accessories featuring designs that resemble the art they wear on their own skin. You might even give them an idea for their next tat. Sorry, Mom.

Useful Keywords: tattoo, flash tattoo, mandala, American traditional, Japanese tattoo

Featured Designs: “Deep Heat” Tapestry by Meaganblackwood | “Head in the Clouds” Tote by Personal Hell | “Dead Geisha” Men’s Regular T-Shirt by MercrediFauve



Originating in Los Angeles in the ‘60s, lowbrow is a style of street art that often incorporates an element of humor and draws from subcultures including underground comics, punk music, and tiki culture. If your loved ones appreciate art that’s tongue-in-cheek and defies conventions, lowbrow is a good place to start looking for gifts.

Useful Keywords: lowbrow, tiki, hot rod, street art

Featured Designs: “Weed is the Remedy” Mounted Acrylic Print by Mulopops | “Raise Your Voice” Journal by rjartworks | “Youthful Deformed Kung Fu Terrapins” Women’s Fitted T-Shirt by KirkHowle



Continuing the theme of street art, graffiti is an art form that has existed since the times of the ancient Greeks. In fact, some of them referred to the god Zeus exclusively by his tagger name, Jupiter. If you know a graffiti artist or muralist preparing for their next public display, get them gifts that’ll come in handy, like a backpack to hold their supplies.

Useful Keywords: graffiti, spray paint, mural, tagging

Featured Designs: “Graffiti Punk” Bucketfeet Shoes | “We Won’t Need You” Stretched Canvas by StarkBoiHazmat | “Graffiti Is Strong and Brave” Backpack by mmartabc

Dark Art

Dark Art

Why do many of us have a morbid curiosity about the creepy and the macabre? Maybe it’s because it gets our adrenaline pumping. Or maybe we saw The Sixth Sense way too early as a child. If you have loved ones who enjoy dwelling in darkness, help them build their own goth sanctuary with gifts featuring skeletons, ghosts, and occult symbols.

Useful Keywords: dark art, dark academia, occult, goth, skulls

Featured Designs: “The Trinity II” Tote by theJetti | “Say Ribbit!” Framed Fine Art Print by skelobite | “Afterlife” Premium Rug by von Kowen



An extension of abstract art, minimalism finds the beauty in order, simplicity, and harmony. This style particularly meshes well with modern interior design, which is characterized by its clean lines and a monochromatic palette. If your loved ones like to keep things simple, get them gifts that will liven up their living space with a subtle pop of color. Find blankets, throw pillows, and other home decor with simple patterns that won’t overwhelm the eye. A little bit goes a long way!

Useful Keywords: minimalist, geometric, patterns, line art

Featured Designs: “Wild Card” Fleece Blanket by MidnightCoffee | “Float Like a Butterfly” Latte Mug by Ninhol | “Everest” Throw Pillow by andysmithdesign

People are drawn to different styles of art for all sorts of reasons. While searching for gifts for art lovers, think of the art styles that best match their interests and personality. Then find those styles on a product they can use in their everyday lives, be it a tote bag or an area rug. Voilà! The perfect gift.

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