Home is Where the Art Is: Cozy Gifts for Homebodies

Homebodies much rather enjoy the simple pleasures of being at home instead of going out with friends or being adventurous. Who can blame them? Home is where all their favorite stuff is—their TV, their bed, their pets, their closet full of skeletons. Since they don’t plan on leaving the house anyway, why not get the homebodies in your life gifts they can enjoy in their own humble abode?

This Threadless holiday shopping guide is centered around gifts for relaxing at home and embracing your inner sloth. All of the items you’ll see feature designs made by our global artist community. Start crossing names off your holiday shopping list with unique gifts supporting independent artists. Time to get cozy!

Blankets Are Like a Warm Hug

If you’re friends with a habitual napper who always takes forever to answer your texts because “oops, I fell asleep,” blankets are the perfect gift. Not only are they warm and comfy, but their artist-made designs make them eye-catching decorative pieces for draping over a couch or bed.

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Featured Design: “A Cloudy Night” Sherpa Blanket by spookylili

Hoodies Are a Winter Essential

Some people are just naturally intolerant to cold. And if they so much as graze you with their frigid hands, you’ll turn into a human-sized ice block. If someone you love always gives you the cold shoulder (literally), help them stay warm with their next favorite hoody.

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Featured Design: “I Woke Up…” Men’s Sponge Fleece Pullover Hoody by PopGeek

Throw Pillows Have Your Back

If you’re a homebody, you can’t just go on an 8-hour streaming binge without the proper creature comforts. You need a bowl of popcorn, box wine, and most importantly, back support. Throw pillows help your home-bound buddies sit comfortably while also adding some pizzazz to their couch.

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Featured Designs: “Retro Radio” by Bully and Bunny | “Make a Smile” by digitalcarbine | “Margarita Reading” by sagepizza | “Birds of a Feather” by arzie13 | “Nap Time, All the Time” by Nan Lawson | “Color Bomb!” by badbugs_art | “Not Today” by foxshiver | “Outono” by vo maria | “Arcade Expressionism” by Laser Bread

Beanies Hide Disheveled Hair

If you nap the day away, no one ever has to know. Beanies are great for hiding bedhead. Since they’re a staple of winter fashion, no one is going to suspect you just rolled out of bed. Unless there’s still drool on your face. Another solid gift option for the perpetually sleepy!

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Featured Design: “Fish Face” Cuffed Beanie by natechristenson

Duvet Covers Tie the Room Together

In most bedrooms, the bed is the main focal point. Duvet covers are an easy way for your loved ones to switch up the vibes in their bedroom without having to do something labor intensive, like painting the walls or evicting their closet monster. Find a duvet cover with an all-over pattern that matches your loved one’s unique style and personality.

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Featured Design: “Where the Jackalopes Play” Duvet by ThisMightHurt

Leggings Give the Gift of Comfort

At home, pants are optional. We needn’t feel restrained by stiff, ill-fitting jeans with unforgiving waist buttons. Leggings, aka “pretend pants,” are stretchy and flexible, and they give the wearer freedom of movement. Plus, athleisure style isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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Featured Designs: “Multicolored Watercolor Paisley Florals” Women’s Leggings by ToiledeLina | “Winter Dream” Women’s Longsleeve by WeirdPeople

Wall Art Livens Up Any Room

The myriad styles of wall art available at Threadless are made from premium, gallery-quality materials. Yet, they’re surprisingly affordable. If your loved ones have extra wall space, art prints make excellent gifts for homebodies. Find a design that speaks to their personality and interests, whether it’s horror, surrealism, or a mishmash of both.

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Featured: “Tonal Organic” Canvas Print by qvocado | “Into the Grey…” Framed Fine Art Print by NDTank | “Rainbow Sky Above Paris” Canvas Print by speakerine | “White Castle” Framed Fine Art Print by YuriShwedoff

Mugs Help Jump-Start the Day

Some people just can’t function without their morning coffee. Or their afternoon coffee. Or their evening coffee. If you’re shopping for a loved one who makes their own coffee at home on a daily basis, mugs are always a safe gift idea.

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Featured Designs: “Outono” Travel Mug by vo maria | “Meowteor” Standard Mug by ilovedoodle

Jigsaw Puzzles Are a Classic Pastime

Since homebodies spend most of their free time at home, it’s important for them to stay occupied during their quietest moments. Jigsaw puzzles are a fun, albeit addictive, activity they can do by themselves. Puzzles also help keep the mind sharp!

Shop: Jigsaw Puzzles

Featured Design: “The Melting” Jigsaw Puzzle by speedyjvw

Hopefully this gift guide helps you narrow down your search while you shop for the important people in your life. If you need more help finding the perfect gifts for homebodies, nerds, pet parents, and more, read the rest of our holiday gift guides.

The designs featured at the top of this post are “Let That Shit Go” by Estef Azevedo, “Quiet Night” and “Let’s Summon Demons” by Steven Rhodes, “Not Today” by foxshiver, and “Snoozer” by ibyes.

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