How to Get Printed at Threadless

Here at Threadless, community is kind of our thing. We like to print stuff made by you, picked by you, and then worn by you – our Threadcommunity. We love you! Say it back.

So it can be kind of a bummer when one of your submitted designs doesn’t get selected. Because here’s the thing – it’s not always about people liking or not liking it. In fact, a lot of the time? It can be as simple as color combos and timing.

Take “Power Converters!” – it was the third version of the design that got picked.

“Power Converters!” by TheFactorie

Or “Pizza and Beer” which was re-submitted a little revamped, but with the same concept.

“Pizza and Beer” by Evan Luza (Left: original design | Right: winning design)

OR “Solar System” by Aparaat, which was a resub for our minimal challenge, and ended up landing in the collection!

“Solar System” by Aparaat

But let’s say re-subbing or tweaking a design doesn’t work, even though you think it looks rad and other people do too. There IS a way you can sell that design right away on any piece of clothing and color and material of your choosing.

Artist Shops, yo.

All of the artists above – The Factorie, Evan Luza, and Aparaat – are all Threadless-printed artists who also have rad Artist Shops where they can sell designs that may have slipped through the radar on our main site. Whether you want to print one for yourself or become the next Gintron (who, yes, also has an Artist Shop), Artist Shops are a great way to print designs you love.

Now, your designs won’t be for sale on our Threadless.com main site. That’s true. BUT, you can…

1: Link to your Artist Shop in your Threadless account, which IS on Threadless.com under your profile

2: You’ll rock the “threadless.com” in your Shop’s URL

3: We’ll handle all the nitty gritty customer stuff, printing stuff, and sending stuff that artists shouldn’t have to deal with. Because that’s a pain in the rhymes-with-grass.

4: Your stuff will be 100% Threadless-quality (don’t believe us? Check out this gallery of some Artist Shop designs here.)

And it’s super easy to set up. I may seem biased but believe me when I tell you, a tech-challenged 80-year-old Orangutan could do it. You got this. And if you need any help with anything, we have our Creative Resources Blog AND our Help Section that you can check out!  

Get on that Artist Shop train! And when ya do, hey – post a link to your shop in the comments if ya so choose!

And check out these other Threadless-printed artists with amazing Artist Shops!

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Open your artist shop now!

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