Embrace the Pin & Patch Craze

Pins and patches may be little, but they’re kind of a big deal right now. And here at Threadless? We’re a little (a lot) obsessed with pins – both with rockin’ them and, for a few of us, making them!

So we wanted to share some of the amazing pins some members of our Threadcommunity have been making!

Check ’em out! And if you have any pins you’ve designed or just pins you dig, let us know in the comments!

Luis Romero


Artist Shop | InstagramEtsy

Katie Lukes


Artist Shop | Instagram | Etsy

Derek Temple


Threadless Designs | InstagramPin Sanctuary

Alex Solis


Artist Shop | InstagramBig Cartel

Ross Zietz


Artist Shop | InstagramSite

Phil Tseng


Threadless Designs | Instagram| Shop

*Pizza and beer pins coming soon! Keep checkin’ back at Phil’s social media for updates! In the meantime, here’s your sneak peak. Feel exclusive?



Artist Shop | Instagram | Big Cartel

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