Making Face Masks your New Essential

Woman wearing Glitch Goods by Rob Sheridan

Face coverings and masks are becoming as essential as your favorite graphic tee. Whether you’ve been sporting a makeshift bandana or cloth covering, elevate your style and pair your face mask designs with your favorite t-shirt!

Not only does this new outlet for expression leave you with endless outfit pairings, selecting the most ideal mask for your mood lets a sliver of who you are be amplified with artistry. 

Here’s your style guide to making this new essential a stand-out staple in your wardrobe.

Be Your Own Hero

Batman, Spiderman, Deadpool and even beloved luchadors all donned face coverings. The persona changes, senses are heightened, and a common goal is shared–you gotta save the day somehow, might as well do it in a rad-looking get-up. 

Even when you’re not feeling up to it, a permanent display of a poised or rugged exterior ensures your cheerful demeanor hasn’t faltered. Think of the face mask as your cape and the heroic proof is in the disguise of your favorite comic book, movie, or television hero. These iconic designs will let the world know you’re tough, but still sensitive enough to care and follow the CDC guidelines.

From left to right: Carlos Tatos’ “Mexican Wrestler in Magenta,” “Stay Strong” by Rupert Beard, “Spider Cat” by ilustrata
From left to right: “Rabbit Wrestler” by Florent Bodart, “Let’s Go On An Adventure!” by Philip Tseng, “Spider Squadron” by Vincent Trinidad

Good Natured

While venturing outdoors with large crowds has been paused for most, you can continue to keep the spirit alive by sporting some serene wilderness scenes or your favorite mythical mountain man with designs that beckon for a time outdoors. 

A vibrant bouquet of blooming florals or a cooling mountain range are outdoor illustrations that yield Mother Nature’s abundant gifts. Sights we’ll be able to visit sometime in the future, hopefully. But for now, donning a mask with a nature theme can keep those visions of pine trees and mountain peaks alive, and fashionably well.

From left to right: “Painted Flowers” by mukta lata barua, “Bigfoot Forest” by Handsoffmydinosaur, “Mountain Vista in Green” by Waynem

Say it with a Message

If your concern lies with your mouth being covered, don’t leave home without a mask that clearly makes a statement as you run those necessary errands. Though a mask isn’t a muzzle, even while your mug is partly covered, offering a friendly non-verbal expression is key to communicating, even when your lips can’t be seen moving. 

Let’s face it, when words escape you, an effortless black and white message draped over your face can easily be pointed out with a quick motion to your memo. Daily reminders are punctuated by a bold message that can be simple, to the point, and with some sparkle.

From left to right: Tragic Girls’ “Get Away From Me,” “Sashay Away” by thiagocorreamellado, “Don’t Panic” by Coyotealert
From left to right: “There it Goes 2” by Hillary White Rabbit, “Unicorns Everywhere!” by obinson, “Now Panic and Freak Out” by Olly Moss

Written in the Stars

Did you know there is no sound in space and no one can hear you scream? But that’s not because of a mask. Ohh, the wonders of the universe are truly colossal and can’t be quantified, but we can still take our aspirations and style to the stars with celestial space-themed designs. 

Whether you’re a fan of epic galactic battles, a galaxy-loving astronomer, or just an admirer of our twinkling night sky, options for out of this world designs can be found with artists who are just as enamored with our far, far away galaxies.

From left to right: Rocketman’s “Attack From the Stars,” “I Want to Believe” by Tom Burns
Neon Space” by WeirdPeople

Punctuating your fashion with a spirited face mask turns this mandate into a place of brilliance. This is certainly the opportune time to continue to express yourself. The confidence boost and modest taste of something normal can be easily illustrated by sporting a colorful face mask that mirrors your aesthetic and your current mood. 

Consider this new article of clothing as an extension of your personality, and don’t forget, a portion of proceeds from every Threadless mask sale will be donated to the nonprofit MedShare. You look good, you feel good, and you’re helping mankind be a better place. Everyone wins!

Cover image featuring VHS Glitch 001: Azimuth face mask and matching Cut & Sew tee by Rob Sheridan

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