New Designs Have Us Feelin’ Fine Just in Time for Fall

If you’re in need of a little creative pick-me-up or just some good ole-fashioned comedic inspiration, we got you. Take a scroll through September’s newest designs and you’ll get a pretty good idea of what our artist community has been up to as we head into fall. 

At September’s start, we collaborated with artists and Chicago-based nonprofit Hope for the Day to create hopeful art to support National Suicide Prevention Month. We launched a terrifying batch of new designs on Friday the 13th to get in the mood for spooky times to come this season. And of course, we worked with longtime and up-and-coming artists to print incredibly funky, seasonal, totally surprising designs. 

As the autumnal equinox marks our movement into less daylight and more indoor time, we gathered our favorite new designs to help brighten your mood, perk up your outlook, and pump you up for fall.

Say it with Flowers

T-shirt design by Dario Silva
F is for Flowers” design by Dario Silva 

Pleasant upon first glance, this design packs a sassy punch wrapped in a beautiful bouquet. It’s perky (delicate flowers and songbirds, what’s not to love?) while secretly subverting expectations with a certain four-letter word we won’t spell out here. 

Cute but Deadly 

T-shirt design by Diego Fonseca
Badass Rabbit” design by Diego Fonseca 

Slap a stabby bunny on your shirt to keep it cute but spunky. Do you love cuddly animals? Of course! Are you a total pushover? Absolutely not. Channel your inner badass and wear this sweet, not dull design. 

You Hold the Power

T-shirt design by Micaela Podrzaj
Palm-Plants” design by Micaela Podržaj 

What if you already have everything you need to bloom? This design fills our hearts (and gardens!) with hope for what’s ahead. Even as we gear up for winter, we’re holding onto the idea that the seeds planted by summer adventures are sure to blossom into something good come springtime. 

Awkward Animal 

T-shirt design by Fox Shiver
Vaguely Aware of Social Norms” design by Fox Shiver

Is this you at every party, family dinner, and holiday? Say on your shirt what you feel in your head, so when you step in the door, people know what’s up. You mostly know what the norms are…but you also might just hide in the corner and watch the humans from behind a houseplant. 

Sage Advice 

T-shirt design by kooky love
Sound Ness” design by kooky love

Nessie knows how to find your inner calm by tuning in and listening to yourself. Positive and uplifting with a mythical creature twist, this design is a great way to stay motivated and inspire others.

Pedal On!

T-shirt design by Mike Koubou
Even a Gentleman Rides” design by Mike Koubou

Saddle up and set sail for a glorious day of wildlife by bike! This gentleman rides in his suit and slacks, pedaling at a pleasant pace. Combining the best of nature and cycling, this design’s a lovely fit for biking enthusiasts who also like to stay dapper on the go. You know who you are.

Sarah Fischer

Doting on my house plants is how I fill my time when I'm not writing, reading, running or playing with my darling cats, Evelyn and Charlie. In a past life, if any of us live more than once, I might have been a French poet or horticulturalist. Powered by: beautiful cake, morning sunlight and black coffee.