Artist Lauren Asta standing in front of her Threadless Mural

Podcast: Flex your hustle with traveling muralist, Lauren Asta!

On this episode of The Threadless Podcast we are joined by the muralist and freehand doodle master, Lauren Asta!

Lauren tells us all about how she dropped everything to become a traveling full-time muralist, what it’s like to work with big sports teams like the Chicago Bulls and White Sox, interacting with the public while doing a piece, and why Chicago is one of the greatest cities in the world!

Lauren Asta on the White Sox field

“My murals are all hand-painted freestyle, typically without any aid of a sketch, projector, or trace outline. The fact that I work completely freehand – and by myself – attracts a large audience. People are in disbelief most of the time that I do not use an aid in my work. The mural process is quite simple for me. I need paint, no rain, a blank wall, a scissor lift and time. But really, it’s that simple.”

Time lapse of Lauren painting a wall at the Threadless office

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Shoutout to Flashpoint Chicago for letting us record our podcast at their amazing school! While we know nothing about audio and editing, our friends over at Flashpoint know exactly how to make us sound dang good, and we love them for it.

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