Testing, 1 2 3: Introducing The Threadless Podcast!

Can you hear me now? Yes! Introducing the brand spankin’ new THREADLESS PODCAST!

I know what you’re thinking and no, the show is not about t-shirts! On The Threadless Podcast, we talk to creatives from all different corners of the artistic world about their craft. And for our debut episode, we talked to insanely talented (and hilarious) graphic novelist extraordinaire, Sina Grace!

Sina with the spoils of all of his recently released titles! (Via Sina’s Instagram)

Between the solo run of Marvel’s Iceman (which Sina wrote) having just kicked off, his newest graphic novel Nothing Lasts Forever hitting shelves, and the release of his Pride-themed variant cover for The Walking Dead issue #168, Sina Grace has had a busy month! 

Iceman and Sina Grace! (Drawn by, of course, Sina himself!)

Although he’s worked on The Walking Dead before, he’s perhaps best known for his autobiographical graphic novels, Self-Obsessed and Not My Bag. And this creative of many hats has been trying on a few more, recently turning Self-Obsessed into a web series that he also stars in.

Sina’s variant Pride Month cover for The Walking Dead issue #168.
Lance and myself recording episode one (courtesy of Tribeca!)

We can all learn something from fellow creatives, even when their craft is from a seemingly opposite corner from our own artistic niche. And that’s the philosophy behind our podcast in a quick nutshell! In fact, that’s why we record our podcast over at Tribeca Flashpoint College!

While we know nothing about audio and editing, our friends over at Tribeca know exactly how to make us sound dang good, and we love them for it (check out the Tribeca Artist Shop, too!)

So give it a listen and get inspired! You can find us in all of these places:



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