The Positive Message Behind Our ‘Negative Space’ Winner

There’s nothing negative about negative space designs; they can be as beautiful as they can be visually puzzling. Images like the famous “faces vs vases” and the “woman looking into a mirror or deathly skull?” optical illusions provide way too much “when you see it…” entertainment. And artist Aparaat won our ‘Negative Space’ challenge with a design that, once you look twice, reveals its hidden deeper meaning.

We talked to Aparaat about this win, the art of negative space, and about what a perfectly peaceful day looks like.

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What have you been up to lately!

I have been just running, maybe a bit too much sometimes, and taking a rest from all things art. Just like you clean palettes and brushes of old paint, I too find that I need to clear up my mind from time to time and start fresh.

Aparaat’s design “Isotropics” in action with a pixel stick! (No, not the pixie stick candy).

Do you do art for a living or just for fun?

Just for fun, but I have been thinking about making a full time living out of it. How probable is that though; I don’t know. I have been entertaining the idea for as long as I can remember, but still nothing. I guess I just need a really hard push to pluck up some courage.

To me, negative space is like a piece of art with an added bonus.

You experiment a lot with negative space in your usual style – is that what attracted you to this challenge?

To me, negative space is like a piece of art with an added bonus. Sort of like when you buy a kinder egg and – aside from all the tasty chocolate – you also get this little surprise inside. I like surprises…and kinder eggs…and negative space. So, yeah, this was my challenge :-).

The winning design of our Negative Space challenge, “The Missing Peace“.

How do you plan out a negative space design and see the image within an image for it? How do you go about brainstorming and planning this?

I really don’t know, to be honest. Sometimes I just think way too much and sometimes an idea just pops up in my head instantly. I often see faces in objects or things just remind me of something completely different than what they actually are, so it is quite easy sometimes.

The Missing Peace” on just a few products!

What inspired “The Missing Peace”? What was your process? 

I really wish I could give you a different answer, but in this case, it is sadly kind of self-evident.

Where do you go for a perfectly peaceful day?

Anywhere in nature, mountains, the seaside…or I just head out for a run, that works almost all the time.

The Missing Peace” IRL.

What’s your artistic philosophy?

I don’t really have any. If I really had to say something, then it would probably be being original, enjoying myself and not rushing things. I have to be real careful with the last one though, otherwise I’d never finish anything as nothing ever seems perfect to me.

Aparaat’s design “Call of the Wilderness” (on the right).

Anything else you’d like to share?

Peace and love, everyone! :-)


See more of the winning design!

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