This Small Business Saturday, Support an Artist!

Happy Small Business Saturday! Everyone knows that the week of Thanksgiving is the best week to knock out all that holiday shopping. This holiday season, get some unique gifts your loved ones will love while also supporting small businesses with big ideas! Supporting small businesses is no small gesture, and supporting independent artists is no different! Threadless is honored to have so many incredible independent artists selling their designs through Artist Shops. Scroll down to see just a few of the independent artists and businesses that are using Artist Shops to sell their work.

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The Shedd Aquarium’s Artist Shop

Designs selected from a Threadless design challenge!

Huebucket’s Artist Shop

Cody Weiler’s Artist Shop

Ego Rodriguez’s Artist Shop

Project M’s Artist Shop

BB Tamagotchi’s Artist Shop

Leslie Cotton’s Artist Shop

Tobe Fonseca’s Artist Shop

Nicole Zaridze’s Artist Shop

Darker Days’ Artist Shop

Michael Pfleghaar’s Artist Shop

James Victore’s Artist Shop

Hillary White Rabbit’s Artist Shop

Hazy Dell Press’s Artist Shop

Cozy Hedgehogs

Steven Rhodes’ Artist Shop

Brian Cook’s Artist Shop

Tofu San’s Artist Shop

Midnight Coffee’s Artist Shop

They Can Talk’s Artist Shop

Discover more amazing shops! 

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