#ThreadTWD Round 4 – Got Goat?

So I hope we’ve all been doing our breathing exercises after last week’s trauma-fest of an episode.

But this week? We didn’t need a filler episode. We didn’t need time to grieve. No, we needed answers, damn it. And y’know what we got?

A goat. A freakin’ goat.

Sure, we all ended up actually caring about the goat – I’m sorry, Tabitha the goat – but what were we supposed to do?! We had to do SOMETHING with all of these residual feels.

Luckily, even though the episode was meh, everyones’ Twitter game for #ThreadTWD was seriously on and entertaining (and y’know, if you think you can do better, live-tweet with us using #ThreadTWD and show us what you got!)

Let’s review, shall we?

Let it (Zom)be” by Vo Maria

This wasn’t even a Walking Dead episode. Instead, it was pretty much a crossover with ALL the other fandoms


The Plague” by Budi Satria Kwan

And then…Tabitha…

Tabitha for dayzzz…


Vegetarian Zombie” by Javier Ramos Eguiluz

But to break up the…whatever the strangeness of this episode was, we did a flash challenge that got some pretty hilarious responses:

Spoiler Alert” by Perry Beane & Gulshan Kishor

And as always, we had some awesome winners too. For tweet of the night…

And the winner of our flash challenge…

Featured image is “Holy Goats” by Andrew Gimetzco

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