“Uncharted” Winner Interview: Embrace Your Inner Nathan Drake

One of the things that makes Uncharted such a unique and awesome game to play is the humor Nathan Drake brings to it. His one-liners make the game as entertaining and funny as it is an adventure.

And that’s what makes André “andremullerDKO” Müller’s Uncharted 4 design “A Cliff’s End” such a perfect representation of the Uncharted series – a balance between adventure and straight-up fun.

We talked to André about his winning design, freelance illustrator career, and asked him the cruelest question possible: what’s your favorite game of all time? Check out what he had to say below!

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Tell us a little about yourself!

Hello, I am a squirrel piloting a human cyborg that goes by the name André Müller, who looks 27 years old and lives in a really cold city called Curitiba in Brazil. I work as a freelance 2D illustrator here in my little studioPlease feel free to check out my work and notice me, senpai!


This is your second time being printed at Threadless, and first win! Congrats! How does it feel?

It feels amazing, I still can’t really believe it…I have to ask again, it’s not a prank right?! I entered a few other themed challenges and got some nice scores but never won. To finally win, and to do it in a video game themed challenge is just awesome. Yes, I am a game freak.

A-Cliff's-End 2
“A Cliff’s End” by andrefmuller

Is that what attracted you to this challenge?

Well, apart from the fact that I really like the Uncharted games, I felt that there were not many artworks that captured the humor in the series, which for me is CQT-EF64-ART-I004one of the best things in this title! So I decided to try a funnier approach; I guess it worked! :)

Favorite video game of all time?

That’s one cruel question! Want me to choose my favorite friend too? That’s so hard! Well, I will have to go with the classic Japanese RPG Chrono Trigger… although I am a huge fan of the Street Fighter series too!

If you could live in a video game, which would you want to live in?

That depends, do I get cheat codes? I would probably say Pokemon – I wish I could have ditched school at the age of ten to travel the world capturing some pocket monsters!


You mentioned you do freelance 2D illustration! Is this full time?

Yes, I am a full time freelance illustrator and I run a small illustration studio! I have been making art full time for a living since I was 19 years old. It has been an awesome ride.


Have you ever illustrated a comic?

Not anything big, but I worked on some single page comics and a few comic strips, you can check some of them here.

I really love comics though. They (and video games) were the main reason I started drawing.

So are you a self-taught artist?

I guess you could say that I am. I graduated in Graphic Design, but I have been drawing all my life, and learned most of it by myself. Sorry for doodling on the walls, mom!

What is your favorite kind of art project to work on?

I must say that I really love making shirt designs, I have tons of fun with it, and I really get a kick from illustrating kids books too. But I still dream about working on video game art one day – that’s one dream that did not come true yet. (Is the Uncharted team hiring? :D)

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 10.51.51 AM
“Sushi Hug” by andremullerDKO & tihmoller

When did you start putting your art on apparel?

I guess it was on 2010 for a t-shirt brand here in Brazil. They had the same scoring method as Threadless and, well, I got kind of addicted to it.

Do you have any particular characters of your own that you like to draw?

Not really. I draw myself in a few comics but for some reason, I love drawing people with televisions as their heads. Like this one:

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 10.51.29 AM

capacete+dkoI love your Adventure Time and Gorrillaz inspired art – what artists/tv shows/movies most inspire you?

Thanks! All of Jamie Hewllet’s artwork inspire me a lot, from his Tank Girl comics to Gorillaz. I am a real geek for cartoons too – I love to watch anime (please don’t tell anyone!) and weird cartoons like Gravity Falls and Flapjack.

You dabble in so many different art styles! How would you define your style?

I don’t think I can define my style. Being an illustrator here in Brazil is really hard, so to survive it is good to be able to do anything that any client asks for. That made me try a lot of styles along the years…and the fact that I  have a lot of fun trying new styles!


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