So we don’t know about you guys, but over here at Threadless HQ, we’re currently digging ourselves out of piles of snow, donning 100 layers of clothing, and just trying to make it from point A to point B outside without losing appendages. In other words, we be chilly. In even more other words, we’re dreaming of warm, faraway places. With this idea on the brain, we asked the artists behind next week’s new tees to tell us about all the cool vacations they’ve got planned for 2015. Read on to find out where they’re headed, and shop this week’s new tees here!

Q: What cool trips/vacations/adventures do you have planned this year?


A: “For spring break this year we’re heading up to Woolacombe Bay for a surf trip. It will still be freezing cold, but the waves are a step up from Brighton!” Shop the tee here!


A: “I’ve planned a Mediterranean cruise this summer.” Shop the tee here!


A: “My husband and I are off to Boston this summer to see one of our favourite bands (I dare not say who, it definitely won’t fall into your ‘cool’ definition)! We met at a concert for the same band in Boston ten years ago, so it’s a little special for us! We’re also really looking forward to seeing friends we haven’t seen in awhile at the same time.” Shop the tee here!


A: “There’s a good chance I’ll visit my grandparents.” Shop the tee here!


A: “This year I plan on going to NY, to visit family and friends I haven’t seen in a few years. My hope is to go during the summer when all the cold weather and snow are finally gone. Also, a nice drive to the beach is always good to fit in.” Shop the tee here!

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