Wanna Win Big? Watch TV With Us!

Ok, for reals, the Walking Dead keeps getting scurrier and scurrier. We’re basically watching in snippets while covering our faces and trying to focus on warm fuzzies and puppies just to survive. Oh, and there’s one other thing that’s getting us through: the fact that we’ve had you guys for moral support! Once again, this Sunday, we’ll be live-tweeting our way through Walking Dead, and we’d love to have you all back. (We sort of need to have you back, because we’re scurred.)

Per usual, we’ll be handing out prizes for tweet of the week and best themed snack or drink! Check out last week’s winning tweet and winning dish to get a sense of the competition.

The Walking Dead is on at 9/8c Sunday night on AMC, and Jess, Jillian, Craig, Lance, and other Threadstaffers will hanging and holding each other throughout the whole episode. Once you’re couchin’ it and comfy, follow us @threadless with hashtag #ThreadTWD to get in on the chit-chat!

“See” you Sunday, oh brave companions!

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Shawn Gauthier

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