Winner Interview: 9 Lives For 7 Deadly Sins

Are those cat ears I see on your head…or devil horns? Curiosity didn’t kill the cat…but one of the seven deadly sins might. Cats are mysterious and magical creatures. We can’t always tell if they love us or want to murder us…but we’re obsessed with them anyways. And the winner of our Seven Deadly Sins challenge, Lucian, brought together the seven deadly sins with our nine-lived furry friends (foes?) purrrfectly in a way that any cat person will be able to relate to.

We talked to Lucian about his sinfully adorable winning design. Check out the interview below!

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(=^.^=)    (=^.^=)    (=^.^=)

You’re a bit of a mystery – tell us a little bit about yourself! What do you do for a living? Where are you from? What’s your favorite kind of dessert?

Far from a mystery; I’m rather discrete. So discrete that almost no one knows that I won a contest :D I’m an architect and I live in Timisoara. I like hazelnut chocolate. A lot.

“7 Sins”

This is your first Threadless print! Congratulations! Excited?

Excited, no. Overwhelmed, yes. Happy, for sure.

“7 Sins”, the polished version
“Buddy and Saul”

You have two versions of this design; one rough and one vector. What do you think attracted people to the rough line version?

I’ve asked myself exactly the same question. God knows that I tried to change their mind. Maybe because it’s more honest.

What’s your favorite deadly sin? Your favorite one to draw?

Pride is my favorite sin. Envy and Lust were the funniest to create.

I like how your art is kind of cute-meets-creepy! What inspires you and your art?

“Know Your Poison”

I have shallow beliefs. That’s why I probably tend to mess up anything meant to be sober and spoil everything that had to be cute :) I don’t consider myself an artist. I just love to draw. It makes me happy and I never, never get bored or tired doing it. As all of you.

I see you have an Artist Shop too! You have so many designs – how did you pick
the designs to include in your shop?

I have a really small shop and they are not so awesome. Some of them are just decent, most of them are not. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I guess some people will love them unconditionally, others will just ignore them with ease.

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-10-53-26-amI love your logo! Is there a story behind it?

It’s a matter of jinx. It’s a cut from one of my first attempts called “Trippin’ and it’s a dude in pajamas stepping on clouds. It was poorly made, the idea was not so original but it had a particular air of fragility, which made me like it. I’ve used it since.

Anything else?

Follow your dream and the rest will follow. A cheesy and surprisingly true advice.


Shop the winning design!

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