5 Scary Movies to Watch This October

October without scary movies would be like Doc Brown without the DeLorean, like Ferris without his day off adventure, like this sentence without ’80s movies. With only 31 days in the (best) month, there’s only so much time to pack in as many scary movies as possible for the ultimate spooky vibes. That’s why we turned to the horror experts over at Shudder for help! Shudder is basically the Netflix of all things horror. We asked them what 5 scary movies are must-watches this October. Scroll down for their list, then watch them all with a free 30-day trial of Shudder when you use the code THREADLESS. Sign up now for free and to get your Shudder & chill fill. (Don’t love horror movies? Get your Halloween fix here :) )

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Channel Zero

The best horror show on TV (and in a very long time). Each installment is a standalone, six-episode story culled from the online phenomenon, “creepypasta”. They are terrifying and awe-inspiring with imaginative and freaky visions to get under your skin.


The October essential. With the latest in the long-running series on the way, revisit the ultimate All Hallows classic, still thick with suspense, dread, and one of the great soundtracks.


What’s better than an autumn night and one of the most classic horrors of all? Do your Halloween duty and introduce someone who’s never seen the iconic Hitchcock thriller.


What’s the scariest movie of the season? This right here. Terrified is a new-school supernatural freakout destined to become an old favorite. Invite your friends over and give them something to cover their eyes.

Summer of ’84

Soaked in 80s glow and adolescent danger, Summer of ’84 is building a big fanbase thanks to its winning, tense tale of young friends who suspect their neighbor is a killer. 

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