Last Minute Gift Guide: Get the Perfect Gift for the ________ in Your Life!

Stuck on what to get the geek, cat-lover, or outdoorsy person in your life? Don’t get frozen with last minute gift shopper’s anxiety! There’s still time to order your gifts and receive them before Christmas and Hanukkah, but time is ticking! So to help you figure out what to get for the [INSERT TYPE OF PERSON HERE!] in your life, we’ve put together this handy gift guide.

Happy gifting!

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The Creative 

Zip pouches:The Hanging City” by Tang Yau Hoong & “How to Kill a Mockingbird” by Tobias Teixeira da Fonseca | Notebook: “Fat Unicorn on Rainbow Jetpack” by radiomode | Pins: “Ahhh Mornings” by Aaron Jay, “Peace and Love” by Budi Satria Kwan, & “Untitled” by Dan Sheffield

We all know at least one super creative person, even if that someone is you! (You need holiday gifts too – treat yerself). So why not get them gifts that are practical and will pique their right brain? Get different sized zip pouches for your creative friend to carry all of their copics, pencils, and art tools in. Pair that with a rad notebook to fill with sketches or writings and some stickers they can stick all over that notebook and boom: you’ve got the perfect gift!


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The Outdoorsman/woman

Tee: “Camping Time” by Wes | Travel Mug: “MTN LP” by NDTank | Beanie: “Everest” by Andy Smith | Towel: “Birds of a Feather” by Ross Zietz | Patches: “Wander” by Ross Zietz, “Go Camp!” by NDTank, and “Retro Camping” by Elizabeth | Pin: “Yosemite” by Andy Smith | Weekender Bag: “Geometry of a Sunrise” by Dianne Delahunty | Tote: “NTNL PRKS” by Ross Zietz

Get the outdoors(wo)man in your life all the gear they need to either take a hike or indulge their wild(life) side by curling up and watching Animal Planet amid the creature comforts of their living room. Give them a weekender bag to hold all their gear in, along with some patches and pins to decorate it. Or maybe a travel mug and towel they can take on their journey.


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The Space Nerd

Tees: “Crescent Moon” by CARBINE & “Solar System” by Aparaat | Blanket: “Dot to Dot” by Anna Gordon | Mug: “1957: Sputnik 1” by Santiago Sarquis | Patches: “In My Sights” by Matt Cheveralls & “Stay Curious” by Gintron | Tote: “Make a Smile” by R. Gegan Noviara

Holiday gifts: the final frontier. Get the spacey one in your life gifts they’ll love, like graphic tees (can’t go wrong with a space-themed graphic tee) or a geeky constellation blanket to lay on while they stargaze. From the silly space designs, to the historical and scientific, there’s something for every level of space geek.


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The Pop-Culture Buff Who Understands Every. Single. Reference.

Tee: “Visit Mordor” by Mathiole | Stickers: (top 6) the Queenmob Sticker Pack, (bottom 6) the Mathiole Sticker Pack | Blanket: “Neighborly Creatures” by Anna-Maria Jung | Mug: “Always Follow Your Dreams” by DinoMike | Pins: “And Ramen” by Andrew C. Steger and Scott Steger & “Free Hugs” by DinoMike | Patch: “Toothless” by Pepe Rodriguez

We all know that one person who knows every line, every reference, every scene from every movie. They’re the best to have on your team for trivia night…but man, can they be hard to shop for. So what do you get for the person who knows every reference? References, puns, and pop-culture nods they’ll appreciate, of course.


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The Jokester

Tee: “Alpacalypse!” by David Maclennan | Art Prints: “Feed Me and Tell Me I’m Pretty” by Tobias Teixeira Fonseca, “Taco Eclipse of the Heart” by David Olenick, “Myth Understood” by David Olenick, and “I Don’t Wanna Taco ‘Bout It” by Matt Will | Beanie: “Spelin Chanp” by Mitch Loidolt | Phone Case: “Dogtor” by Joel Robinson | Mug: “The Breakfast Club” by Jaco Haasbroek

Get something that will get a laugh out of the person in your group who’s always making everyone else laugh. Graphic tees, cheeky art prints, and punny mugs are just a few things you can get for ‘the funny one’ in your life.

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The Gamer

Tee: “A Pixel of My Childhood” by Adam Jhesu Rufino Nakamura | Patch: “Penrose Triforce” by John Tibbot | Totes: “Old Gamer” by Gintron & “Bowzilla” by Estudio Verso | Beanie: “Video Games Ruined My Life” by Lawrence Pernica | Phone Cases: “Arcade Madness” by Some Dutch Guy & “Sunshine” by Verso | Zip Pouch: “This is Not a Pipe” by Genee Cosden

They have every game, so get them something that reps their gamer side when they’re away from the console! Try getting a zip pouch for the tabletop gamer to hold their d20s in, or video game themes phone cases for when they’re out and about…and using their phones as a console.

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Let them decide!


Let’s be real – some people are hard to shop for, some people just know what they want, and others…we don’t really know well enough to pick out a gift for. So give them the gift of whatever they want with a gift card!

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