#ThreadTWD, “I’ve Got You Under My Skiiiin”

Ah yes, Sunday bloody Sunday. Literally.

Two weeks back into the ‘ol zombie routine and it’s like the dark days of not having our weekly dose of the zombpocalypse never happened!

Usually for our #ThreadTWD recaps, we post about the best themes of our live-tweeting experience. But this past Sunday, only two things mattered:

1: Finding zombified songs
2: Finding Jesus

You’ll see. And if you’re reading this and going “PFFT I coulda done that!” then leave any zombified songs of your own in the comments!  And live-tweet with us using #ThreadTWD on Sundays! One of us, one of us.

.     .     .

“And How Are You Feeling Today?” by Jan Avendano

Zombifying a song for #ThreadTWD and #apocalypseplaylist was no doubt the star of the night.

WARNING: we cannot be held responsible if you get zombified lyrics stuck in your head, a la our misheard lyrics challenge.




“Braaains” by Ray Frenden



“Rainbow Apocalypse” by Julia Sonmi Heglund


“Neon Dead” by Dega



“Ninjesus” by Mathiole and Hafaell Pereira

And then, in the last place you’d expect it to happen, The Walking Dead, Ninjesus became kinda real.



Finally, as always, we had our glorious and triumphant winners!

But we think this tweet pretty much sums up the night:

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