What’s the Craziest Art Style You’ve Ever Tried Out?

What’s the craziest art style you’ve ever tried? Surrealism? Cubism? Mixed media? A surreal mixed media cubism design? From patterns to graffiti, there are a ton of different art styles in the brand new collection of designs from our leggings challenge. The winner of that challenge, Hannah Mackey, even embraced a style all her own, mixing science and art to create a design inspired by organelles in animal cells.

To get a leg up on some of the creative styles people are getting artsy with, we asked our artists about the craziest art style they’ve ever tried; check out their answers below and get inspired!

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“Flora Forever” by John Fishback

I’d hate to think how many hours of my life I spent cutting out graffiti stencils. I haven’t done that in awhile, but that was kind of crazy.


John Fishback (@thechild) | Artist Shop | Marshall, Virginia
“Smarty Pants” by John Tibbott

Craziest art style? Hmm, not sure, nothing feels off-limits with Threadless, so I’ve tried lots of crazy things over the years I’ve been submitting; from a pizza covered in cat heads to a trumpet covered in tarsiers. I did a few collabs with @sweet_n_sour which were pretty crazy, but I love his style and they were a pleasure to do. It depends on my mood, I guess.


John Tibbott (@quick-brown-fox) | Artist Shop | Cheshire, UK
“Graffiti Leggings – Black!!” by Vasiliki

I don’t know if this counts as an art style, but the craziest thing I’ve tried was smashing up some old china & taking photos to make an all-over pattern for my projects! I love mixing up different media in my designs, like photography, typography, graphics, vintage stuff or new that I design!


Vasiliki (@gasponce) | Artist Shop | Greece
“Silence of Nature” by dandingeroz

I’ve tried many art styles before, and the craziest was doing a watercolor style.


Dan Elijah Fajardo (@dandingeroz) | Artist Shop | Manila, Philippines
“Red morning” by Fruity-shapes

I could say I don’t like crazy things at all. But no, I love them! Therefore I have tried out a lot of crazy art styles. Overall, I would say painting with an iron is very cool, the art technique is called encaustic (right). I love all kinds of crazy art experiments. 


Fruity-shapes | Saalfeld
Metabolic Balance” and “Golden Flitch (Luxury Edit)” by Phillip Rietz

I like a lot of experimental art things in traditional or digital. By myself I have done a lot of crazy street art things in the past, like painting with an extinguisher (no vandalism!), laying tiles on the right place, little night glowing objects and so on. I’m also up for all new digital stuff like After Effects + real world video stuff, or I think about a soundswitch that could make very cool art experiments ;)


Philipp Rietz (@badbugs_art) | Artist Shop | Saalfeld
“Cat or Fruit 2” by May Tepong

It is a happening art by body paint with a sleep man in the party.


May Tepong (@makapa) | Artist Shop


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Featured image is the winning leggings design, “Organelles of an Animal Cell” by Hannah Mackey.

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