And the Spoopiest, Creppiest Inktober Goes to…

The good news? HALLOWEEN IS FINALLY UPON US! The not-so-good news? That means it’s the end of October and therefore, the end of Inktober. But just because the Inktober hashtag is going into hibernation ’til next year, that doesn’t mean the daily drawing routine has to! You can even keep doing Halloween-inspired drawings every day. In fact, one artist we really hope keeps up with their Inktober tradition of drawing a creepy creature or cryptid on the reg is @Automaton. Automaton lived up to that username this month, pushing out creepy drawings all through October like an artistic machine. There are even stories to go along with a bunch of the illustrations!

Soak up every last bit of those spoopy, creppy Halloween vibes today by doing yourself a favor and checking out Automaton’s amazing artif you dare.

.     .     .











Like what you see? Check out Automaton’s Artist Shop, too! And if you want to keep the Inktober fix going, check out our previous posts here, here, here, and here!

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